Minaa B

Licensed Therapist and Writer, New York City, NY, USA
Work Experience: 8+ years of clinical practice in psychotherapy
Minaa B

Minaa B. is a NYC-based author, writer, speaker, and licensed therapist. With over eight years of clinical experience, Minaa specializes in treating depression, anxiety, trauma specific to childhood, and racial trauma, and she is an expert on self-care and setting boundaries. 

In 2016, Minaa debuted her first book, “Rivers Are Coming,” a collection of essays and poems on healing from depression and trauma. After overcoming her own struggles with both depression and anxiety, Minaa immersed herself in the world of mental health and through that she began to share messages that reach over 300,000 individuals each week online. 

Through workshops, speaking engagements, and her writing, she empowers and educates audiences on complex mental health topics and provides practical everyday solutions for self-care.