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Flo Unlocks a Range of Health and Wellness Benefits
Managed cycle and improved well-being
Help live with stress
Improved productivity
Healthier lifestyle
Optimized fertility
1 in 8 women in the US use
Based on Flo's internal statistic calculations*
How Flo helps its users
of respondents said that Flo helps them improve their physical well-being
believe Flo contributes to improving their overall well-being
find that Flo contributes to increasing their productivity at work
Why is it important?
86%  of women experience fatigue, anxiety and other symptoms due to hormonal fluctuations.
This may lead to decreased productivity and increased health spend.
Science in Flo

medical experts from Europe and North America help to create health and wellness content and are engaged in the development of Flo


collaborators: universities, medical associations, health organizations ensure that Flo users receive evidence-based medical information

Reasons to Partner with Flo
Seamless implementation and an easy-to-use product
Detailed reporting and analysis
Global coverage (localized in 20+ languages)
Comprehensive onboarding and 24/7 support
Strict approach to data privacy and security
Improved employee productivity and resilience
Well-being related Lunch and Learn sessions
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*(Based on Flo's internal statistical calculations: number of women in the US (Department of Economic and Social Affairs, World Population Prospects 2019) to number of Flo users)