How can I make the calendar start from Monday/Sunday?

There is no such an option in Flo per se. However, if you choose another region/language for your device (English UK for Monday or English US for Sunday, for example), it should do the trick, as Flo’s calendar depends on the phone settings.

How can I change the measurement system?

In order to change the measurement system, please go to More > Settings > Metric system and disable or enable it.

How can I change the language of Flo?


First, check if the required language is supported in Flo. The app is currently available in Arabic, English, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. If your preferred language is on the list, please navigate to your device settings and change your phone language to it. After doing so, Flo will be displayed in this language too.


Please navigate to More > Settings > Change Language. There you'll need to tap the required language and then remove Flo from the opened apps (double-press the home button of your iPhone, find Flo among the apps and swipe it up). When you reopen it, the language will be set as required.

How can I track steps in Flo? (Android)

There are 2 ways of getting your step data in Flo:

  1. From your device directly, through a built-in pedometer. If there is a built-in pedometer in your device, you can enable it in More > Settings > Activate pedometer.
  2. Through the app called Google Fit which can take the steps either from your phone or other trackers synced. You can connect pre-installed Google Fit in More > Settings > Google Fit > ON > choose account for Flo > Then you will see the instructions.

How do I reset the app password?

To reset the password,  please do the following:

  1.  Open Flo > More > Profile > (scroll down to the bottom) Log out > Press Yes.
  2. Press ‘Sign In & Restore Data’ at the very bottom, enter your registered email and press “Forgot your password?” to reset it.