Flo stopped counting my steps.

There are 2 ways of fixing this problem:

  • You can first register (Flo > More > Profile > Save Data), reinstall the app and activate pedometer in More > Settings > Activate pedometer.
  •  You can install and sync Google Fit with Flo: Flo > More > Settings > Google Fit > Connect and follow the instructions.

Reminders aren’t working on my Xiaomi device.

Please follow these steps (the path to Autostart can differ on your particular device):

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. System apps
  3. Security
  4. Permissions
  5. Autostart
  6. Check the box for Flo.

After that, remove Flo from the phone memory (opened apps) and start it again.

Reminders aren’t working on my Huawei device.

If you have Android 8: 

  • Open your phone settings
  • Battery
  • Launch
  • Find Flo and disable the option ‘Manage automatically’ for it (the options ‘Auto-launch’, ‘Secondary launch’, ‘Run in background’ should be enabled).

If you have Android 7 or the newer version:

  •  Open your phone settings
  • Battery
  • Close apps after screen lock
  • Find Flo and disable it
  • After that, remove Flo from the phone memory (opened apps) and start it again.

For Android 6 and older versions:

  • Open your phone settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Battery Manager
  • Protected Apps
  • Check the box for Flo, so that it becomes Protected
  • After that, remove Flo from the phone memory (opened apps) and start it again.

I get a notification that Flo is working in the background/using the battery.

This is a new feature of Android 8. It is just saying that the app is working in the background, but it doesn’t mean it is using your battery.

The app normally works in the background because it counts your steps. If you don’t want to get such a notification, you need to turn off the pedometer via More > Settings > Activate pedometer > Disable.

I’m not getting reminders.

Notifications may stop working due to various reasons:
1. Check your date and time in the phone settings – the ‘Automatic date and time’ option should be enabled.
2. Open the list on all installed applications on your device > Find Flo in the list > Switch on ‘Show notifications’.
3. There can be apps on your device that can block advertising or internet access. They can prevent notifications from working properly.
4. If ‘Power saving mode’ is enabled, it can also affect Flo’s notifications.
You can also  try reinstalling the app, but first make sure that your account is registered: More > Profile > Continue).