Apple-Shaped Body: What Are the Most Flattering Clothes for an Apple-Shaped Figure?

    Apple-Shaped Body: What Are the Most Flattering Clothes for an Apple-Shaped Figure?
    Published 08 July 2020
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    It can be hard to avoid comparing yourself to others, particularly when you see unrealistic body images on TV and social media, but everyone’s body truly is different. Finding clothes that flatter your body type is a great way to start loving your body and feeling comfortable in your skin. 

    Characteristics of an apple-shaped body

    Hormonal characteristics

    An apple shape is also known as an android body type. The word “android” comes from the Greek word for man, and people with an apple body shape tend to have more of the male hormone androgen than the female hormone estrogen. People with an apple shape tend to gain weight in the form of visceral fat, which develops around the inner organs of the abdomen. People with a pear-shaped body tend to gain weight subcutaneously (directly under their skin). 

    Physical characteristics

    People with an apple body shape often have long, slender arms and legs. When they gain weight, it typically doesn’t gather in their extremities. Most of their weight sits in their middle and upper body, including their back, breasts, and stomach. Their waist is not very pronounced, their bottom is not very full, and their hips are narrow. 

    How to dress an apple-shaped body type


    When choosing clothes for an apple body shape, focus on tops. Anything that draws attention to the shoulders, bust, and neckline is a great choice. Shirts with boat necks, square necks, and other necklines that draw attention to the collarbones are also flattering. Patterns can camouflage any perceived flaws and attract the eye.

    If you have an apple body type and gain the most weight in your abdomen, tops with beading or designs at the top or bottom will probably be more flattering than those that focus on your midsection. Blouses that taper slightly at the waist can give you a silhouetted waistline and a subtle cinch. Peplum tops are great for the apple shape. Thanks to their dramatic flare and built-in waist, they can balance narrow hips and give slim women more of a curve.


    People with apple-shaped bodies often have shapely legs and like to accentuate them. Shorts can draw attention to your amazing legs.

    Slim pants can balance a heavier torso. Try different styles of pants in a variety of cuts. Bootcut, flare, and straight-leg pants can balance proportions. 

    Skin-tight skinny jeans may suit your legs, but not your torso. If you have a flatter bottom and hips, you can choose jeans that help fill out those areas. Jeans with flaps on the back pockets can do this very well. Mid-rise jeans are a more flattering option than high-waisted pants.


    A short skirt works well with long, slender legs, especially with a top that’s long enough to cover the entire midsection. Skirts that are too short will draw attention to where your weight gathers and take attention away from your legs. A-line and flared skirts can also be very flattering.

    Extra pieces

    For sweaters and blazers, pieces with structure and shape work best for apple-shaped bodies. If you have a larger bust or a broader back, shapeless cardigans can hide your best features. Blazers and coats with stitching can balance broad shoulders with a smaller waist and lend a few inches right above the hip. Oversized coats can give a uniform silhouette when paired with a pair of tapered pants. 

    How to choose dresses for an apple-shaped body

    Not all apple-shaped bodies are the same. Some people have a slim apple shape and small breasts, while others have more weight in their stomach. No matter your body type, wrap dresses are flattering for nearly every shape. They will accentuate your waistline and work well for people with large tummies. Shorter wrap dresses also accentuate the thighs and calves. 

    Another good dress style for apple shapes is a fit and flare. This style accentuates the breasts and shoulders while subtly flaring out to balance slimmer hips. Skater dresses are a great example of a casual fit-and-flare-style dress. Mid-calf dresses can make you look taller and make your torso look longer. 

    Dresses with an empire waist often have a pretty waistline that elongates the torso. They can be paired with heels or flats. 

    Accentuating your favorite features is a good way to learn to love the way you look and feel comfortable in your own skin.

    Challenges of styling an apple-shaped body

    Clingy, unstructured materials

    Clingy and stretchy dresses might not flatter your best features. Structured clothing is very flattering for apple-shaped bodies, and this doesn’t just apply to blazers, coats, and sweaters. If you have access to a tailor, they can help you alter pieces so they fit perfectly.


    If your waist isn’t naturally cinched in the middle, a belt may draw attention to a larger midsection, creating a disproportionate effect. Knowing what looks nice on your body type can be helpful, but you’re free to explore whatever styles interest you. Some people with apple-shaped bodies don’t like wearing belts, but the decision is up to your personal style and choice.

    Tops with too much detail

    Tops with lots of details, such as ruffles and frills, can make your bust and stomach look larger. Look for tops that highlight your shoulders and collarbone, which are usually very attractive features of people with apple body shapes. 

    Wrapping up

    It might seem cliché, but it’s true: All bodies are beautiful. It’s normal to love some parts of your body and feel self-conscious about others. It’s important to pay attention to where you gain weight, because this can affect your risk of developing certain health conditions as you age. Staying healthy and active no matter your shape or weight can reduce your risk factors. 

    Choosing clothes that you like and that flatter your body shape aren’t the only ways to accept and love your body. Your habits, mental health, and physical health all play a part in appreciating your body. No matter what your shape is, keep learning to love who you are.

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