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    Spoon Body Shape: How to Choose Clothes for a Bigger Tummy and Hips

    Spoon Body Shape: How to Choose Clothes for a Bigger Tummy and Hips
    Published 29 July 2020
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    Everyone wants to look and feel their best when selecting clothing. Understanding your body type and which styles work well can make shopping more fun and less frustrating. If you have a spoon body shape, read on to discover how to make the most of your figure.

    What is a spoon body shape?

    The names for different body types give a rough description of a person’s general shape: busty, lean, curvy, or a mix of these. No body type is better or worse than any other. It’s important to embrace who you are and develop love for and confidence in yourself. Everyone has parts of their body they love and parts they wish they could change. Dressing for your body type means highlighting your own favorite parts.

    Spoon-shaped bodies are similar to a pear-shaped figure, with curvy hips, a larger butt, and a slimmer upper body, proportionally. The difference between the spoon and pear body shape is that a spoon-shaped body may have a larger tummy, too, while the pear shape typically doesn’t. This shape is different from the hourglass shape in that the bust is at least 2 inches smaller than the hips, and the waist is defined. Spoon-shaped bodies typically have slim arms and a delicate neckline and upper body, although their lower half may look larger due to the contrast.

    To discover your body shape, grab a tape measure and measure your bust first, around the fullest part at the nipples. Make sure the tape is snug but not tight. Then, measure your natural waist at the narrowest point. Finally, measure your hips where the femur meets the pelvic bone. Subtract your bust measurement from your hips. If your bust is 2 inches smaller than your hips (or more), you have a spoon-shaped body.

    People with a spoon body type tend to accumulate excess fat tissue on their hips and thighs, with their upper body remaining relatively slim. The difference between a spoon and a pear body shape is that people with a spoon-shaped body will also gather excess fat around their middle.

    It’s important to note where on your body you store excess fat because this can indicate a higher risk for certain health complications. People who store fat around their abdomen have a higher risk of heart disease and fatty liver disease than those who store fat in their hips and thighs. No matter your body shape, you have a significantly higher risk of obesity-related diseases like polycystic ovary syndrome and metabolic syndrome if your body mass index is higher than 3.

    What is the most flattering way to dress a spoon body shape?

    To best dress for a big tummy and hips, emphasize your slim arms and upper body and elongate your torso. If you have a spoon body shape, you may want to wear dresses or shirts that disguise larger hips to give a more balanced silhouette. You can do this by drawing the eye upward, highlighting your collarbone or neckline, such as by wearing a statement necklace, one that stops before your cleavage starts, or dangling earrings.

    People with slim shoulders, delicate necks, and slender upper bodies have a variety of flattering necklines to choose from. Wider styles, like a boatneck or a cowl, are especially flattering for your upper body. These types of tops tend to fit closely, but not too snugly, to the torso and drape over the middle, hiding a bulging belly. Dramatic scoop-necked shirts and tops with bell sleeves are also lovely.

    When purchasing a coat or other outerwear, look for a swingy style, one that also draws inspiration from A-line cuts and hits at about mid-thigh.

    How to choose dresses for a spoon-shaped body

    A woman with a spoon body shape

    When shopping for dresses for a spoon-shaped body, look for A-line styles or princess cuts. Empire-waisted dresses or baby doll styles are also flattering, as the banded waistline emphasizes the narrowest part of your waist, and the floating skirt covers a larger belly and hips. If you find styles that hit between mid-thigh and the knee, these may be best to accentuate the best parts of your legs.

    Strapless dresses, those with spaghetti straps, or one-shoulder dresses are especially flattering for a spoon-shaped body. Find a style where the skirt floats gracefully from an undefined waist, instead of dresses that are form-fitted all the way down. You may also be able to wear ball gown styles, as the fuller skirt and fitted bodice both disguise wider hips and create a slim profile at the top part of your body.  

    Straight-legged pants work best for a spoon-shaped body. Wider waistlines also help hide tummy bulges and deemphasize the width of your hips. Straight or pencil-cut skirts look best on you, especially with less-fitted tops that flow over the midsection.

    Styling challenges for a spoon-shaped body type

    Certain kinds of embellishments on pants and skirts, as well as chunky styles such as cargo pants, can add bulk and draw the eye to wider parts of your body. Discreet pockets that don’t add bulk to the line of the dress or skirt are a good option. 

    Bold patterns and complicated embroidery may not make a clear line between top and bottom and can make your torso look shorter, which can make your hips look wider.

    People with a spoon body type may have difficulty fitting into off-the-rack pants. You may find that when a pair of pants fits in the hips, it gaps at the waist. If a pair of pants fits your waist, it may be hard to get them over your hips and stomach. Your best bet for pants is to purchase styles that fit your hips and flatter your rear and have the waist taken in by a tailor. Many higher-end department stores offer inexpensive or free alterations, so ask around in your area.


    Choosing clothing to flatter a spoon-shaped body includes highlighting the slimmer upper body and creating a more balanced look with the lower body. Tops and dresses that help elongate the torso and draw the eye upward and bottoms that slim the appearance of the hips and thighs are great options for spoon-shaped bodies.

    While many people choose clothing that suits their body type, the choice is ultimately up to you. Play around with these suggestions, buy items that you love and feel comfortable in, and express your personal style to feel beautiful and confident.

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