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‘’It's really cool to just, like, figure out how can we be more in tune with our bodies, because our bodies are messengers.’’ — Minaa

Episode 6: How to embrace body neutrality

Every body is different. And the way you feel about your body can change day by day or even hour by hour. Minaa B talks to Bethany C. Meyers about body neutrality, an idea that inspired the leading fitness instructor and founder of the be.come project to embrace their body, cope with disordered eating and recognize their nonbinary identity.

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Episode 5: How to find the right birth control for you

Host Minaa B talks to a Flo user about her journey to find the right birth control for her body and her partner. Dr. Amanda Adeleye shares the medical explanation for what happens to our minds, hormones and bodies when we take birth control.

Episode 4: When bleeding interferes with your life 

Let’s face it — if you have periods, you’ve probably canceled plans because of cramps, PMS, or any of the other symptoms they can cause. Having a heavy flow can interrupt our lives too, but it doesn't have to be this way. Host Minaa B talks with Sateria Venable, who knows the heavy flow struggle. She’s also a patient advocate and the CEO and founder of the Fibroid Foundation. Dr. Kristen Matteson shares tips and treatment options for people who have a heavy flow.

Episode 3: When the pandemic interrupts medical care 

Most people who menstruate experience some type of premenstrual symptoms. But what happens when hormones push PMS to the extreme? Host Minaa B talks to a Flo user who finally got treatment for PMDD, only to have it interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. OB-GYN Dr. Barbara Levy offers her advice on navigating health care during the pandemic.

Episode 2: When Stress Disrupts Your Cycle

Stress can live in our bodies and interrupt our menstrual cycle. That’s what happened to a Flo user named Alexandria. She shares her story of how stress affected her body while caring full-time for her mom. Dr. Margaret Howard explains why our bodies respond to stress and how we can be resilient in the face of mental health challenges. Host Minaa B shares her gentle reminders for grief.

Episode 1: How living in harmony with my cycle improved my well-being

Hear from a Flo user, Fabiola Paul — a singer, actress, registered nurse and health expert whose painful periods interrupted her life until she decided to intentionally live in harmony with her menstrual cycle. 

Find out what works for her and get expert insights from OB-GYN and Flo Medical Board advisor Dr. Sara Twogood, who explains how periods are the fifth vital sign. Plus, Fab shares her favorite juicing recipe, and Dr. Twogood gives three tips for taking charge of your health.

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Minaa B. is an NY- based licensed therapist, author, speaker, writer, and wellness consultant. Through workshops, speaking engagements, and her writing, she empowers and educates audiences on complex mental health topics and provides practical everyday solutions for self-care. Connect with her on Instagram at @minaa_b.

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  • Host: Minaa B.
  • Guests: Fabiola Paul, Dr. Sara Twogood, Alexandria Bordlemay, Dr. Margaret Howard, Cassidy Shilling, Dr. Barbara Levy, , Sateria Venable, Dr. Kristen Matteson, Lucy Medrow, Dr. Amanda Adeleye, Bethany Meyers
  • Producer & Flo Team: Special thanks to Danielle Roth and Sam Riddell (Pod People) and Joelle Barthel (Flo).

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