140 biblical names you'll love for baby boys and girls

    140 biblical names you'll love for baby boys and girls
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    Published 14 January 2020
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    Finding the perfect name for your child can be tough. It can take months to come up with a list of names you like. But where do you start if you are looking for biblical names? We’ve compiled 140 biblical baby names for girls and boys, complete with their meanings. 

    Why Biblical names?

    Many common names come from the Bible or other religious texts. They’ve been anglicized from their Hebrew and Latin roots as the texts were translated. 

    There are several reasons parents may want to find a biblical name for their child. Some of the reasons are:

    • Familiarity — Names like Mary, Sarah, Peter, and John are all biblical names. It’s important to some parents that their child has a name that peers can easily distinguish to avoid confusion.
    • Religious background — For religious families, choosing names suited to their faith can give their children a rich history and connect them to the family’s moral values.
    • Family history — Some families have a tradition of giving children “themed” names, such as natural elements, religious names, or names from a specific time period. Sometimes it’s because the older children have biblical names and you want to keep the tradition with your newborn.

    Whatever your reasons for looking for these names, check out the lists below. They’ve been separated and categorized into names for boys, names for girls, unique names, and classic names. 

    Biblical boy names

    There are literally hundreds of Bible names for boys in religious texts, and you can use any of them to give your baby a fantastic name. 

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    If you’d like something that sounds familiar and feels good, then choose one of the classic biblical names for boys. If you’d like to have the name rooted in religion but perhaps feel a little more adventurous, then choose a name from the unique section.

    Classic-sounding boy names

    Finding just the right name for your child can be a challenge. You want the name to grow with them so that when they’re adults, living their own lives, that name is still strong and relevant to them. 

    Take a look at these rich and classic biblical boy names below:

    • Aaron — High mountain
    • Abraham — Father of nations
    • Adam — Man
    • Amos — To carry, borne by God
    • Andrew — Manly and powerful
    • Benjamin — A favorite son
    • Caleb — Whole heart
    • Cyrus — Lord
    • Daniel — God is my judge
    • David — Beloved
    • Ethan — Enduring and strong
    • Isaac — He will laugh
    • Isaiah — God is salvation
    • Jacob — Supplanter
    • Jared — Descent
    • Jason — To heal
    • Joel — Yahweh is God
    • John — God is gracious
    • Joseph — Jehovah will increase
    • Joshua — God is salvation
    • Josiah — God supports
    • Lucas — From Lucania
    • Marcus/Mark — Dedicated to Mars
    • Matthew — Gift of God
    • Nathan — He gave
    • Noah — To rest
    • Paul — Small
    • Peter — Stone
    • Philip — Horse lover
    • Samson — Sun
    • Seth — Appointed
    • Simon — He has heard
    • Stephen — Crown
    • Thomas — Twin
    • Timothy — Honoring God
    • Zachariah/Zach — The Lord recalled

    Unique biblical boy names

    Some parents want their child’s name to have religious roots but are looking for something more unique. If that’s you, then you’re in luck. Biblical texts are full of interesting names for boys with even more interesting meanings. 

    Take a look at these angelic and unique names:

    • Abel — Breath
    • Absalom — Father is peace
    • Alpheus — Successor
    • Asa — Doctor, healer
    • Asher — Happy and blessed
    • Darius — Maintains possessions well
    • Demetrius — Follower of Demeter
    • Elon — Oak tree
    • Enoch — Trained, vowed, dedicated
    • Ephraim — Fruitful
    • Esau — Hairy
    • Felix — Happy and lucky
    • Gabriel — God is my strength
    • Gideon — Tree cutter
    • Jesse — Gift
    • Jordan — To descend
    • Jude — Praise
    • Kenan — Acquire
    • Lemuel — Belonging to God
    • Levi — Joined together
    • Micah — Who is like God?
    • Nicodemus — People’s victory
    • Phineas — Oracle
    • Reuben — Behold, a son
    • Rufus — Red-haired
    • Silas — Man of the forest
    • Thaddeus — Heart
    • Titus — The avenger
    • Tobias — God is good
    • Uriel — Angel of light, the flame of God

    Biblical girl names

    There are many names in biblical texts that you could give your little girl. But which one should you choose, when there are so many? 

    If you’re overwhelmed with options, try to break it down. What are you looking for in the name? Is it the name’s meaning? Or the way it sounds? If you want a name that feels classic for your baby, then choose one from the classic list. If you want to give your little girl a biblical flair, then choose one from the unique list. 

    Classic-sounding girl names

    Many people have grown up with classmates and friends who had biblical names but maybe didn’t even know it. Biblical girl names can be quite classic; even princesses and queens have had biblical names. 

    Give your little girl a beautiful and traditional name from this classic list:

    • Abigail — Fathers rejoice
    • Adina — Noble, gentle, delicate
    • Angela — Messenger of God
    • Anna — Gracious
    • Ariel — Lion of God
    • Bethany — House of figs
    • Bethel — House of God
    • Candace — Clarity, whiteness
    • Charity — Dear, beloved
    • Chloe — Green sprout
    • Deborah — Bee
    • Delilah — Delicate
    • Diana — Heavenly and divine
    • Elizabeth — God’s promise, God is my oath
    • Esther — Star
    • Eve — Life, animal
    • Faith — Devotion
    • Gabriela — God is my strength
    • Hannah — Grace
    • Hope — Desire to be
    • Joanna — God is gracious
    • Jordan — To descend
    • Joy — Happiness
    • Julia — Youthful and downy
    • Leah — Weary one
    • Lillian/Lily — Lily flower
    • Lois — Superior
    • Lydia — From Lydia
    • Mara — Bitter
    • Martha — Lady, mistress of the house
    • Mary — Of the sea
    • Phoebe — Bright and pure
    • Rachel — Ewe
    • Rebecca — To join
    • Rose — Rose flower
    • Ruth — Friend
    • Sarah — Princess
    • Sharon — Fertile plain
    • Susannah — Lily
    • Tamara — Date palm

    Unique biblical girl names

    If you want your little girl to grow up with a touch of spirituality but an independent flair, then you might want to consider a unique biblical name. There are many interesting names in religious texts that can lend a special twist to your daughter’s name. 

    Take a look at these unique and cool-sounding biblical girl names: 

    • Abilene — Grass
    • Adah/Ada — Adornment
    • Areli — Golden
    • Asenath — She belongs to her father
    • Atara — Diadem
    • Baara — Flame
    • Bela — She of fair skin
    • Carmel — Garden, orchard
    • Damaris — Calf, to tame, be gentle
    • Dinah — Justified
    • Drusilla — Fresh as the dew
    • Eden — Paradise
    • Eunice — Good victory
    • Genesis — The beginning
    • Huldah — Loved one, mole
    • Jael — Mountain goat
    • Jewel — Plaything, delight
    • Jochebed — God’s glory
    • Junia — Queen of heaven
    • Keturah — Incense
    • Mercy — Compassion, forbearance
    • Merry — Joyful, light-hearted
    • Miriam — Of the sea
    • Milcah — Queen
    • Myra — Myrrh
    • Naomi — Pleasant one
    • Orpah — Faun
    • Sapphira — The pretty one
    • Tabitha — Gazelle
    • Terah — Earth
    • Zibiah — Doe
    • Zina — Guest, stranger
    • Zipporah — Bird


    All these names and their meanings have religious undertones. They are steeped in spirituality and faith. 

    If you want to hold tight to your faith and bless your children with beautiful names that reflect that, then biblical names might be a great option. Sometimes discovering the meaning of a name you’ve heard before makes it more special to you. 

    Whatever you choose, enjoy the process of choosing a name. Take your time; say each name aloud to hear it. Read up on all the different meanings behind the names. It doesn’t have to be a stressful experience; it can be fun and enjoyable. 

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