100 gender-neutral baby names: Unisex names you’ll love

    100 gender-neutral baby names: Unisex names you’ll love
    Published 24 March 2022
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    Unisex and gender-neutral baby names are becoming more popular for lots of reasons. Whether you want to avoid stereotyping or find something more unique, here are 100 gender-neutral baby names to give you some inspiration

    If you’re expecting a baby, or close to someone who is, baby names are probably something you chat about regularly because coming up with a list of possible monikers is fun. 

    But the truth is that whittling down a name for your baby can feel like a daunting task because there are lots of things to consider. Should you go with a family name? Something traditional? Or a name that’s unique? If you’re in a relationship, choosing a name can be even more of a challenge because you might struggle to agree on what to call your little one.

    One thing we do know is that parents no longer feel constrained by gender norms when it comes to baby names, which is why gender-neutral or unisex names are becoming a more popular choice.

    What is a non-gendered or gender-neutral name?

    A gender-neutral, androgynous, or non-gendered name is a given name that isn’t specific to your child’s gender identity or the sex they are assigned at birth. 

    Gender-neutral baby names can be unisex, having never been associated with a particular sex and/or gender identity, or they may be traditionally masculine or feminine names that have lost their gendered association over time. 

    Unique gender-neutral baby names have soared in popularity over the last few decades. Every year the Social Security Administration, the independent agency of the US federal government that administers a social insurance program, puts out a list of the 10 most popular baby names split by gender. While gender-neutral names haven’t broken out into the top spots, they have risen up the ranks in recent years. 

    Further data collected by the Social Security Administration found that some names have become truly gender-neutral over time, with an almost 50% split in usage between babies assigned male or female. For example, only 5% of babies born in the US in 1901 named “Charlie” were girls. This leaped to 51% in 2016. 

    And this trend towards modern, gender-neutral baby names may be partly driven by the fact that many celebrities have rejected the notion that names have to be attached to a person’s sex or gender identity.

    For example, “James” was ranked the number one most popular male name in the Social Security Administration’s most popular 100 names between 1921 and 2020. However, A-list couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively decided to call their daughter “James.”. And celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard chose the traditionally masculine name “Lincoln” for their daughter.

    Gender-neutral baby names: Reasons parents pick gender-neutral names

    There are a number of reasons why you might choose a gender-neutral name for your baby. You might want to avoid stereotyping or expectations that are sometimes traditionally attached to feminine- or masculine-associated names. The name you opt for may be a family name, and it just so happens that over time it has become unisex. Or you may simply just like the name. 

    You might also choose a gender-neutral name for your child because you understand gender identity is fluid, so the name may give your child the freedom in the future to come out as non-binary or trans without changing their name if they don’t want to. 

    According to a study published by the LGBTQ+ charity The Trevor Project in 2021, of the 35,000 young people they spoke to across the US, 26% said they identify as non-binary. A further 20% said they aren’t sure or have questioned their gender identity. 

    These findings fall in line with analysis published by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law. They found that an estimated 1.2 million Americans identify as non-binary. That’s around 11% of LGBTQ+ adults in the US in 2021. 

    So, here are some of the more popular and unique gender-neutral baby names (along with their meanings) that may spark some inspiration for naming your child.

    What are some cool gender-neutral names? Popular androgynous baby names

    1. Addison — child of Adam 
    2. Aiden — little fire 
    3. Aspen — type of tree that quakes 
    4. Alex — helper and defender of mankind 
    5. Ali — high, elevated/champion 
    6. Ari — lion
    7. Andie — courageous/powerful 
    8. Ash — happy 
    9. Ashton — ash tree 
    10. Billie — determination and strength 
    11. Blake — bright/shining 
    12. Cameron — one with a crooked nose 
    13. Casey — vigilant/watchful 
    14. Charlie — free man 
    15. Dylan — born from the ocean 
    16. Drew — strong/wise 
    17. Emerson — brave and powerful 
    18. Elliot — the Lord is my God 
    19. Ellis — benevolent 
    20. Evan — God is gracious 
    21. Frankie — from France/free man 
    22. Gabriel — God is my strength 
    23. Hayden — fire/hedged valley 
    24. Harper — someone who plays the harp 
    25. Hunter — one who hunts 
    26. Jesse — God’s gift 
    27. Jordan — to flow down/descended 
    28. Jay — victory or triumph 
    29. Jaydon — thankful/he will judge 
    30. Jaime — supplanter/may God protect 
    31. Jo — God is gracious 
    32. Jude — praised 
    33. Kyle — narrow strait or channel 
    34. Keegan — ardent/thinker/small flame 
    35. Kieran — dark
    36. Morgan — dweller of the sea 
    37. Nat — gift of God 
    38. Nell — shining light
    39. Parker — park keeper 
    40. Ray — wise advisor or protector 
    41. Reese — ardor/enthusiastic 
    42. Remy — oarsman/remedy 
    43. Riley — valiant/wood clearing 
    44. Rory — red king 
    45. Robyn — bright famous one 
    46. Rowan — river in paradise/ little redhead 
    47. Sam — told by God/God has heard 
    48. Spencer — dispenser of provisions 
    49. Sasha — defender of mankind 
    50. Sidney — wide meadow 
    51. Taylor — tailor/cutting of cloth 
    52. Toni — beyond praise/priceless one 
    53. Tyler — tiler/tile maker 
    54. Max — greatest/great spring 
    55. Marley — pleasant meadow 

    What are some rare androgynous names? Unique gender-neutral baby names

    1. Amari — eternal/immortal 
    2. Amory — home strength/ruler
    3. Brooklyn — one who lives near a brook/a borough in New York City 
    4. Campbell — from the beautiful field 
    5. Clay — to stick together 
    6. Easton — from the east town 
    7. Eden — place of pleasure 
    8. Ember — spark/burning low 
    9. Grayson — son of the steward 
    10. Grey — grey-haired/pleasant 
    11. Harlow — from the rocky hill 
    12. Indigo — blue dye from India 
    13. Jace — the Lord is salvation/healer 
    14. Kai — sea/shell/keeper of the keys 
    15. Kit — carrier of Christ 
    16. Lane — from the long meadow path
    17. Lennon — lover/dear one 
    18. Marin — of the sea 
    19. Micah — who is like God 
    20. Monroe — from the river’s mouth 
    21. Ocean — the sea 
    22. Paris — great love 
    23. Peyton — fighting man’s estate 
    24. Phoenix — dark red 
    25. Quinn — wisdom/chief 
    26. Rain — advice/counsel 
    27. Reed — the color red 
    28. Rue — an herb/regret 
    29. Sage — wise/healthy prophet 
    30. Sawyer — woodworker 
    31. Shae — hawk/full of majesty 
    32. Sloane — warrior/raider 
    33. Stevie — crown/victorious 
    34. Storm — tempest/a storm 
    35. Sutton — from the Southern homestead 
    36. Scout — to listen/the first explorer 
    37. Shiloh — tranquil and heavenly peace 
    38. Valentine — strong and healthy 
    39. Wren — small songbird 
    40. Xavi — the new house 
    41. Yale — from the fertile upland 
    42. Yardley — fenced meadow 
    43. Zane — God’s gracious gift 
    44. Zasha — defender of the people 
    45. Zene — beautiful 

    Gender-neutral baby names: The takeaway

    There are plenty of popular and unique gender-neutral baby names to choose from. And since associating gender with names appears to be becoming less important, more names may find their way into this category. 

    Parents choose gender-neutral names for lots of reasons — and you probably have your own for considering following suit. You might love gender-neutral options because they’re unique, or maybe you want to give your baby the space in the future to explore their gender identity without feeling pressure to change their name.

    Whatever your reasoning, there are no rules when it comes to naming your baby. Just go with a name that you love!


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