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7 Tips to Choose the Right Pregnancy Bra

During pregnancy, breasts can quickly increase in size and become particularly sensitive, and sometimes even painful. For your comfort you should pay attention to the underwear for expectant mothers. Tailored bras for pregnant women carefully support the breasts, prevent stretching of the ligaments and give the woman the necessary comfort. Here are some tips from Flo to help you choose a pregnancy bra that fits perfectly.

Pregnant woman with a bra on
  • Before buying one, measure your band and bust size.
  • It should be made from a light, breathable fabric, preferably cotton. Try to stay clear of lace and synthetic fabrics as they might cause irritation and discomfort.
  • Superior, unrestricted bust support is essential! Properly-fitted flexible wire bras should provide that. 
  • Your breasts should be separated and fit perfectly into each cup of the pregnancy bra. Your entire breast should be covered, without any bulges creeping out of the top, bottom or sides of the cups.
  • Your perfect pregnancy bra would be a model with at least four rows of hooks. The bra should fit comfortably when it’s on its loosest hook.

As the pregnancy progresses, your ribcage will expand, and the breasts will continue to grow, but you will be able to adjust the bra along the way by moving from one row of hooks to another.

  • The hooks of the bra shouldn’t dig into the skin of your back.
  • The bra should have wider shoulder straps, support panels, and back fastenings that can be adjusted as your breasts get bigger.

Now that you know what to look for in a good-fitting bra, you can be confident you’ll make the right choice!

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