Flo's general approach to collaborations

When medical professionals talk about female health research, it is common to hear that this field is under-prioritized and under-financed, even despite its undeniable influence on global well-being.
Another obstacle is the lack of data. Female health research cannot be carried out without a set of extensive, complete, and reliable information that illustrates the needs and patterns of women from different countries and cultures.
We believe that women’s health deserves much more attention and action. It’s critical to raise global awareness around this issue and to connect science, clinical practice, and everyday life.
Here at Flo, we aim to provide millions of our users across the globe with evidence-based medical information, make a global impact by elevating female health research and make millions of women happier. To accomplish our mission, we seek trusted collaborators with in-depth subject-matter expertise and proven contributions to global health and well-being.
Choosing the right collaborators is of the utmost importance to Flo as a company. We work with acclaimed medical experts, research institutions, universities, and research groups all over the world.

We also collaborate with corporate research groups from different business fields and apply a strict and expansive set of criteria to our potential collaborators, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Flo collaborators should feel a corporate social responsibility for elevating global health & well-being.
  • Our collaborators should continuously seek opportunities to contribute to progress in the area of women’s health and bring it to the whole world.
  • Flo collaborators should be actively involved in research and development and see the vast potential for innovation.

As mentioned, a reliable and complete set of data is crucial for any research project. At the same time, we take users’ privacy and data security extremely seriously, which is why Flo never uses any personal data for analysis. We provide our collaborators with aggregated and depersonalized data only. 
You can find more detailed information about Flo's collaborations in the articles below.