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Medical accuracy and expertise: Why you can trust Flo

Our medical and scientific team is a global collective of distinguished physicians, leading researchers, and seasoned health experts. United by a shared mission, we ensure that every feature, article, and insight you experience on Flo is backed by scientific rigor and clinical safety. 

Whether you’re an expert in the field or just beginning your health journey, trust that you’re in capable hands with a team dedicated to providing you with accurate and trustworthy health insights.

Flo’s guiding principles

Safety first, always

We get it — your health is too important to leave to chance. That’s why we developed our rigorous clinical risk management process. Rest assured; Flo is aligned with international health standards and legal protocols. Your safety isn’t just our priority; it’s our promise.

Making an impact: Beyond the app

We’re not just here to offer another health app; we’re here to revolutionize how women and people who menstruate engage with their health. We work tirelessly to advance research in female health, destigmatize issues affecting women and people who menstruate, and offer actionable insights that make a meaningful difference in your life.

Accuracy you can count on

Skip the misinformation across the internet and get straight to the facts. Our content isn’t just researched; it’s peer reviewed by a panel of over 120 health care experts and esteemed scientific institutions. You’re not just reading information; you’re gaining knowledge about your body and health you can trust.

How they ensure the highest clinical standards

Medical Accuracy - Health

The medical accuracy (health) team works with product teams to create effective and clinically safe technologies to help with the detection of symptom patterns, providing personalized insights and highlights to users how their cycle affects their bodies and well-being. We work on projects as varied as making precise cycle predictions, designing cycle and health widgets, and designing logic for chatbot conversations.

Medical Accuracy - Content

To empower the people who use Flo to prioritize their health and well-being, it’s essential that we provide them with accurate and up-to-date information. The medical accuracy (content) team is responsible for cocreating all types of Flo content, such as educational programs, articles, stories, videos, and chatbots.

Science and Research

Our science and research team evaluates the health and well-being benefits of using Flo and collaborates with top-ranked academic institutions to carry out groundbreaking studies related to female health.

Medical Affairs and Partnerships

Before any piece of content or feature goes live, it is reviewed by medical professionals to ensure that it is high quality and in line with the latest developments in research and clinical practice. Our medical affairs and partnerships team is also responsible for developing collaborations with international health organizations and leading medical and health experts in the United States and Europe. 

Who else we work with: Our medical experts

Over 120 external doctors, scientists, and health experts review and evaluate our content to ensure that the medical information we share is relevant and up to date.

Who else we work with: Renowned health organizations

We work with acclaimed female health experts, institutions, and universities to provide evidence-based information to the people who use Flo.

Learn more about who we collaborate with
European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
United Nations Population Fund
Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders

We’re supporting female health

We know that female health lacks research, so we’re doing our bit to build a better future. Find out who we partner with, how to work with us, and how we protect our users’ data.