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We’re Flo, the world’s most popular female health app

350 million women and people who have periods trust us to help them understand their bodies better1,2.

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How does Flo work?

At Flo, our purpose is to build a better future for female health by helping you harness the power of your body signals. 

We're the world's most popular female health app, helping 350m women and people who have periods understand their bodies better1,2.

As part of our purpose, we believe in sharing that knowledge with those in need, why is why we've also given free access to Flo's Premium subscription product to 11 million women and people with periods around the world3.

Whether your goal is making sense of your periods, getting pregnant (we’ve helped 15 million women with that!4), or tracking your baby’s growth and development, Flo’s got you covered.

When you tell Flo about yourself and log how you’re feeling, our clever tech can help explain where you are in your cycle and give you the info you need to make great health decisions.

We can also explain what’s happening in your body — and how that’s making you feel — to your partner so they can support you better. 

It's no wonder we're the #1 OB-GYN-recommended period tracker!5

Flo's mission

At Flo, we believe female health has been underfunded and undervalued for way too long. As part of our mission to change that, and ensure you can trust Flo, we verify everything we share with our team of 100+ doctors and medical experts.

What's more, we also: 

  • Give you intelligent and personalized insights to help you live better and stay well
  • Ensure we share evidence-based health information with you when you need it most
  • Fund research so we can learn more about how the female body works (e.g., by partnering with Mayo Clinic to better understand period symptoms by studying 800,000 women’s cycles)
  • Collaborate with trusted health partners like the United Nations Population Fund to improve female health education in countries where it’s needed most

Flo is available around the world — in 22 languages — and because 85% of people who use Flo would recommend us to a friend6, our community keeps on growing.

Who's behind Flo?

We’re a 450-strong team of doctors, editors, engineers, designers, and marketers who care passionately about revolutionizing the female health space. You’ll find us in Vilnius, London, San Francisco, and Amsterdam.

How you can contact us

We love hearing from the people who use Flo. If you have a question, check out our frequently asked questions or contact our support team.

Want to join the Flo team?

We’re always on the lookout for talented people who live our mission. Check out our current job openings.

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