Helping girls and women to prioritise their health

By giving access to expert information, knowledge, and support, we encourage our users to better understand how physiology affects their wellbeing.


We stand for...

Keeping personal information private & secure

You deserve complete control over your personal health data. Your health data will never be shared with any third party but Flo, and you can delete it at any time.  Read more about our approach to Privacy and Security.

Enabling you to take control of your health

We support women and everyone who menstruates throughout their entire reproductive lives, with personalised cycle predictions, virtual health assistants, insights on general health, fertility and pregnancy.

Providing expert health information to all

Expert, evidence-based health information should be unconditional and available to everyone. We work with a large team of medical doctors and female health organisations to provide health content you can trust.

Empowering open discussion

Many reproductive health topics are still taboo, and some questions may go unanswered. Through the power of community, we enable open discussions, end stigmas, and help you to get support from like-minded others.