Helping girls and women to prioritise their health

By giving access to expert information, knowledge, and support, we encourage our users to better understand how physiology affects their wellbeing.

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We stand for...

Enabling you to take control of your health

We support women and everyone who menstruates throughout their entire reproductive lives, with personalised cycle predictions, virtual health assistants, insights on general health, fertility and pregnancy.

Providing expert health information to all

Expert, evidence-based health information should be unconditional and available to everyone. We work with a large team of medical doctors and female health organisations to provide health content you can trust.

Empowering open discussion

Many reproductive health topics are still taboo, and some questions may go unanswered. Through the power of community, we enable open discussions, end stigmas, and help you to get support from like-minded others.

Keeping personal information private & secure

Privacy in the digital age is of utmost importance. Flo provides a secure platform for millions of women globally. Read more about our approach to Privacy and Security.

Flo’s milestones

April 2015

Flo is founded

March 2016

Health Insights section is launched in Flo

June 2016

Pregnancy Mode is launched

June 2016

Flo reached 1M installs

March 2017

Machine learning is integrated into Flo to improve the accuracy of period predictions

October 2017

Ten million people are using Flo monthly

February 2018

Flo signs Cooperation Agreement with UNFPA

March 2018

Flo Assistant is launched

April 2018

Postpartum mode is launched

July 2018

Flo app reached 50M installs

July 2018

Flo Medical Board is created

November 2018

5M women got pregnant with Flo

December 2018

Community Section is launched in Flo

January 2019

Flo team reaches 100 people

April 2019

Flo signs Cooperation Agreement with EBCOG

May 2019

Twenty five million people are using Flo monthly

July 2019

Courses 1.0 are launched

August 2019

Flo is the most popular Health & Fitness app in App Store

August 2019

Flo app reached 100M installs

September 2019

Flo concludes academic collaboration agreements with 5 universities

November 2019

Flo Medical Board reaches 40 members

November 2019

10M women got pregnant with Flo

December 2019

Flo becomes the most downloaded Health & Fitness app in the world in the App Store

March 2020

Flo team grows to 200 people

March 2020

Flo’s medical team creates a COVID-19 virtual assistant in a 48-hour hackathon

July 2020

Flo 5.0 is released

August 2020

Thirty five million people are using Flo monthly

September 2020

Flo collaborates with 80 medical and wellbeing experts

October 2020

Flo app reached 150M installs

October 2020

15М women got pregnant with Flo

October 2020

Flo celebrates 5-year anniversary

March 2021

Flo hires 300th employee

April 2021

Flo reaches 1M paying subscribers

April 2021

Flo partners with Phenomenal to fight period stigma

May 2021

Flo introduces menstruation-related emoji for Slack to open up the conversation around menstrual health in the workplace

May 2021

Flo reaches 40M monthly active users

June 2021

Flo offers six months of fully paid maternity leave, and one month of fully paid paternity leave as part of new global parental leave policies

July 2021

Flo opens the doors to its London office

August 2021

Flo achieves 200M installs around the world

August 2021

Flo grows its world-class medical and health experts team to over 100 members

August 2021

Flo releases 7.0 update with advanced pattern recognition

August 2021

Flo recognized as #1 OB-GYN-recommended app for period and cycle tracking* 
*Based on a survey of 225 US OB-GYNs who recommend apps for period and cycle tracking, DRG, 2021

September 2021

Flo officially opens its office in Vilnius

September 2021

Flo closes $50M in a Series B financing, bringing company valuation to $800M

Flo has the absolute potential to drive positive change by educating women from all corners of the world about how they can live in harmony with their cycles and make better health and well-being decisions every day.

Joelle Barthel
Director of Brand

I believe women everywhere have the right to understand and be in control of matters relating to their health. Flo makes this possible through their research and team of medical professionals. 

Susanne Schumacher
Data Privacy Officer
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“Knowing that others have gone through experiences similar to yours is life changing.”

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