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Flo app: Pregnancy

Track your baby's growth and see how your body is changing

Pregnant moms and parents-to-be, consider Flo App for Pregnancy your guide to every pregnancy stage — from that all-important positive test to your due date.

In the Flo for Pregnancy mode, you’ll find an easy-to-use pregnancy tracker with the lowdown on what to expect week by week. Plus a friendly space to chat with other parents-to-be, and all the expert info you need — whether you’re wondering what foods are considered safe or why you might be experiencing a certain symptom.


of Flo users felt more educated about their pregnancy²

1 in 3

felt more prepared to become a parent³

“I truly feel like I’ve gained so much knowledge about my body, my symptoms,
and my pregnancy as a first-time mom through this app.”
Lexi, USA
Flo for Pregnancy user
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Follow your baby’s growth week by week

Your body and your baby will go through some big changes over the next weeks and months. With Flo’s pregnancy tracker, you can:

Get to know your baby with the lowdown on all those important fetal development milestones, such as when they’ll open their eyes for the first time.

Find out what you need to do when with our weekly checklist — including the best time to book childbirth education classes.

Share all of this and more with your partner (if you have one) so they know how to support you both.

Scroll forward and back through the weeks to see how your baby (and your body) is growing and changing.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions each week.