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Why our users love the Flo App

Get to know your body better with the #1 women's health app worldwide2

So, what can you do with Flo?

Whether you’re tracking your period, ovulation for getting pregnant, or pregnancy, we’ve got you. Flo works in partnership with 120+ doctors and health experts to bring you essential insights about women’s health.

“My patients love Flo because it doesn't just tell them when their period is likely to start;
it also gives precise predictions about their fertile days and ovulation.”
Dr Allison Rodgers
Reproductive Endocrinologist,
OB-GYN at Fertility Centers of Illinois
& Member of Flo’s Medical Board

According to people using Flo:

1 in 2

say Flo helped them 
know when to visit the doctor for a health


say Flo helped them love and listen to their body more⁸


say Flo’s fertility and ovulation predictions helped them on
their journey to


1 in 2

say Flo helps them improve their
sex life¹⁰

Period tracking

Easily track your period and set cycle-related reminders. You’ll know when your period is coming—and which symptoms you might expect at different stages of your cycle.
Find out more about Flo for Tracking Your Period
“I have been using Flo for over 4 years now, and it has been great about keeping my data safe and logging my periods and providing predictions. I use it every month.”
Flo user
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Ovulation tracking for getting pregnant

Predict your likely fertile days and find out how to prepare your body for getting pregnant naturally. Your go-to source of information about fertility and ovulation.
Find out more about Flo for Getting Pregnant
“LOVE everything about this app. It actually helped me track ovulation and get pregnant after trying for years with no hope!”
J. l. / J****I
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Week-by-week pregnancy tracking

Get support on your path to parenthood. Know how your baby is likely to develop week-by-week and how your body might change, too.
Find out more about Flo for Pregnancy
“This is my first pregnancy and Flo has taught me everything from symptoms and bodily changes to skincare products and nutrition.
I never knew that your center of gravity changes during pregnancy!”
Flo user
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