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Flo app: Getting Pregnant

Know when you’re most fertile

Trying for a baby? Get tips for timing conception sex to maximize your chances. Nearly 9 million women got pregnant while tracking their ovulation with Flo. Harness the power of your body signals by tracking your cycle so you can learn how to find your best days to conceive.

In the Flo App for Getting Pregnant, you’ll find a supportive space to chat with others who are trying, health insights to get you and your partner ready for conception, and sex tips to keep things fun. Plus, there’s plenty of expert info to help you decode everything — from early signs of pregnancy to reasons why it could be taking a little longer than planned.

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women say Flo helped them feel more prepared for pregnancy²


of users say they got pregnant while tracking ovulation
with Flo³

“Flo helped me get pregnant after 3 years of trying. Can't fault it.”
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Flo App for Getting Pregnant: Key features

Ace conception sex
From knowing how often to try — and when — to keeping things fun, we’ve got your conception sex questions covered.

Share the mental load with your partner
Trying to conceive takes two — that’s why we created Flo for Partners. We’ll explain everything they need to know, including how your cycle works, to support you better.

Get tips from the experts
Diet, sleep, and managing stress are so important right now —  get personalized daily insights cocreated with our team of 120+ doctors and health experts to help you and your partner take better care of yourselves. You can even set up daily prenatal vitamin reminders.