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Is a Flo Premium subscription worth it?

Are you considering joining the 3.4 million Flo members1 who have already signed up for Flo Premium? A Premium subscription unlocks the tools you need to understand your body better.

With Flo’s free subscription, you can enjoy best-in-class period and ovulation tracking, as well as candid conversations in our safe community space, Secret Chats. But when you go Premium, you’ll move beyond simple cycle tracking to build a better picture of what’s happening inside your body — whatever stage of life you’re in. 


Whether you want intel on what your cycle symptoms could mean (from your first period to your last), help getting pregnant, or a way to track your baby’s growth week by week, Flo Premium has you covered.

9 in 10

Flo Premium members say Flo helps them be prepared and aware of their body signals²


find Flo Premium helpful for learning about ovulation and fertility³

“Worth paying for. It’s really helped me understand my body better. It’s brilliantly designed and easy to use too.”
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Join the 3.4 million already using Flo Premium.1
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What’s included in Flo Premium?

Flo Free Flo Premium
Period and ovulation predictions
Track symptoms
Cycle history
Secret Chats
Anonymous Mode
Daily health insight stories
Library of articles, videos and audio from 100+ top tier health experts
Health Assistant
Flo for Partners
Symptom patterns and predictions
Symptom Checker
Cycle trends
Personalized doctor’s report
Detailed pregnancy tracking
Guided Journey
Get started
Get started

With Flo Premium you can...

Get daily updates on where you are in your cycle, what your symptoms might mean, and what you can do to feel your best. 

Find out in advance how you’re likely to be feeling at every stage of your cycle with personalized predictions based on your symptoms and cycle logging. Know when you typically feel most energized, for example, and book that gym class.

Access our health library of hundreds of articles and videos on coping with cramps, keeping conception sex fun, unusual pregnancy symptoms, and everything in between — cocreated with our team of over 120 doctors and health experts.

Chat with our virtual Health Assistant. Our friendly interactive chatbot is on hand to support you through your cycle with personalized tips based on your latest health data. If we spot a pattern, the Health Assistant will tell you about it.

Get personalized health reports. From cycle tracking to trying to conceive, you want to know when something might be up — and feel confident enough to act if it is. When you log cycle events, Flo Premium creates personalized reports (on symptom patterns, cycle lengths, and more) to look back on. You can even bundle all this info into one ready-made summary that you can share with your doctor.

Share the app with your partner. Through his own daily updates, he’ll see where you are in your cycle and learn what’s going on in your body so he can support you better. If it’s fertility you’re focussing on, Flo for Partners gives him all the intel he needs to make trying to conceive feel more like a team effort. Plus, if you get pregnant, he’ll be able to follow your progress from his own phone.

Check your symptoms for peace of mind. Flo Premium’s Symptom Checker* figures out how closely you match common symptoms of conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis. You then have the information you need to get answers from your doctor.

*Not available in the UK or Europe

Follow your baby’s growth week by week in Flo’s pregnancy mode. It’ll give you the lowdown on all those important moments, such as when they’ll open their eyes for the first time. Plus, keep track of how your body is changing and get answers to the most frequently asked questions.