Your body. Your data.

When it comes to your body, we believe you deserve to be in complete control of your data. Your health data will never be shared with any company but Flo, and you can delete it at any time.

In March 2022, Flo completed an external, independent privacy audit which confirmed that there are no material gaps or weaknesses in Flo's privacy practices. 


"Flo’s own practices are consistent with its publicly stated Privacy Policy"
Independent audit, March 2022

Our approach to data processing

Never selling personal data

At no time has Flo ever sold user information, nor have we ever shared it with third parties for advertising purposes.

Protecting your data

We apply advanced security measures to protect personal data. Only a limited number of Flo employees have access to it.

Being transparent with you

We will inform you about the grounds and legal basis for collecting and processing your personal data. If it is required by law, we will ask your consent beforehand.

Purpose-specific data collection

We collect personal data only when it serves a specific, explicit and legitimate purpose. We don’t collect data for any other purpose than the ones we have explicitly stated in our Privacy Policy.