We aim to be open and transparent with our privacy practices.

Flo aims to provide a clear understanding of what data we collect, how it is used and shared, and how you can control it.

Key privacy and data usage facts

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The data that serves you

When you use Flo, we may collect your Personal Data and use it to improve the user experience, such as increasing the accuracy of predictions, personalising the insights you get, etc. For research activities we use only de-identified or aggregated data, which can not be associated with you.

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You can contribute to the growth of Flo community

Provided we receive your consent, we may use technical information about you (your unique technical identifier, age group, subscription status, and the fact of application launch) for promotion purposes to reach more people like you. You can always withdraw your consent to share this data.

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Your data is safe with Flo

Your employer, your insurance company, even your relatives - none of them will ever know about the symptoms you log or the information you get in Flo until you tell them. We take all reasonable and appropriate measures to protect your Personal Data from loss, theft, misuse or unauthorized access.

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We protect the privacy of children

That is why you should be at least 13 to use Flo (16 for EU residents). We do not intentionally collect information about children, and we do not allow people to use the App if they are younger than 13 (16 for EU residents). Moreover, some of the App functions may be limited to users that are younger than 18.

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You are in control

You may access your Personal Data, modify, correct, erase, and update it by writing to us at support@flo.health. You may also download the information Flo collected about you by contacting us. Please be aware that erasing or modifying some Personal Data inserted by you may affect your possibility to use Flo in the future.

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You can freely talk to us

We believe in transparent and open dialogue, so we strongly encourage you to contact our Support Team, our Data Protection Officer or send a message via our dedicated email if you have questions about this policy, how we collect or process your Personal Data, or anything else related to our privacy practices.

Frequently asked privacy questions

Data collection

What data do you collect about me?

General Information


When you create a Flo account, you provide personal information that includes your name, email address, gender, date of birth, password or passcode, place of residence and associated location information, and ID (to prove identity in certain cases, e.g. when Flo Health may have doubts about the eligible age of the User). 


Health and Well-Being


As you use the app, we also collect health and well-being information logged by you. This information includes weight, body temperature, menstrual cycle dates, various symptoms related to menstrual cycle and health, and additional information including sexual activities, and activities related to personal well-being.


Personal data we may collect automatically


When you access or use the app, we may automatically collect personal data including, device information (hardware model; information about the operating system and its version; unique device identifiers (e.g. IDFA); mobile network information); location information (IP address; time zone; information about your mobile service provider); and app usage data (frequency of use; areas and features of our product you visit; your use patterns generally; engagement with particular features). To collect this information, we may send cookies to your mobile device or computer or engage other tracking technologies. See more about cookies and how you can opt-out from them in our Cookie Policy.


Data from external sources 


You also may give us the ability to import into the App Personal Data about your health and activities from third-party services such as Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. Such imported data may include sports activities, weight, calories burned, heartbeat rate, number of steps/distance traveled, and other data about your health. 

To learn more, please read our full privacy policy.

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How do you use my personal data?

When you use Flo, we may collect your Personal Data and use it to improve your app experience, like increasing the accuracy of predictions, personalizing your health insights. 


For example, provided we receive your consent, we may use your cycle data to predict your future cycles or ovulation to help us to analyze, operate, maintain and improve the App, to add new features and services to the App, and to support the existing functions of the App.


Please see our privacy policy for the ways in which we process your personal data and the related legal basis for processing.

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Do you use my data for any other purposes?

We don’t use your data for any other purpose. Provided we receive your affirmative consent, we may use technical information about you (your unique technical identifier, age group, subscription status, and the fact of application launch) to inform you and other people about Flo and reach more women like you. This will never include information such as your name, health data or contact details. You can always withdraw your consent to share this data.


Please see our privacy policy for a list of our main purposes for processing of your personal data here (with some basic examples).

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Where is my data stored and is my data safe?

Data collected through the Flo Application will be stored in the United States. 


We participate in and have certified our compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks. You can read more about the privacy shield framework here.  


For customers in the EEA


The European Court of Justice has declared the EU-US Privacy Shield, which we like many companies had previously relied on to ensure a sufficient level of data protection, to be invalid. We have entered into Standard Contractual Clauses with all non-EU vendors of data processing tools (data processors) and taken additional measures, such as encryption, to ensure an adequate level of data protection in accordance with Art 46(2)(c) GDPR. Further information regarding our security practices can be found here.


We are very careful when choosing our processors and ensure each processor is subject to robust due diligence procedures. We do not work with processors based in countries where we are concerned about the rule of law with respect to privacy. 


We continue to closely observe regulatory developments and best practice in this area. In the meantime, some non-EU processors, and in particular US-based processors, are a vital part of our service and we cannot provide our service to you without using such processors as described in this privacy notice.

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Sharing your data

Who do you share my data with?

In order to run the app and help you get the most out of using the app, we use the services of various partners and providers. For example, in order to understand how you use the Web services, engage with particular features, and what you like or dislike the most to engineer product experiences, we share app usage data with Amplitude. In order to bring you the best Customer Support experience, we share email addresses and content of emails with Zendesk. Doing so allows us to process and sort all emails received from you. You can read more about the ways in which we engage processors in our privacy policy.  

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Do you sell my data?

No. We believe the work we do at Flo is of great importance to the health of women globally. We understand that our users place trust in our technology and in us to keep their sensitive information private.

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I started to notice ads with ovulation tests/baby products/etc. after I logged a symptom/read an article in Flo. Do you have something to do with it?

No, we do not share any sensitive personal data even for scientific purposes - only anonymized datasets are used for that. Therefore, there is no connection with the use of Flo App and any advertisement materials.

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Managing your data

How can I manage my data?

You are in control of your data and can modify, erase, access and update your Personal Data, including:


  • Add/edit/delete your periods
  • Add/edit/delete symptoms and events on screen ‘+’ (except events that are exported automatically from third-party trackers)
  • Edit your email address if it’s not verified
  • Change your password
  • Change your consent
  • Edit your lifestyle settings
  • Change your goal in the app
  • Change your cycle settings (cycle, period and luteal phase length)
  • Enable and disable sync with the Health App, Google Fit or Fitbit
  • Delete and edit past pregnancies


Should any questions arise, please write to us at support@flo.health.

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How can I withdraw my consent from sharing my data (in general or with third-parties)?

We have processes and procedures in place which we follow to ensure we can uphold your rights including stopping processing activities involving your personal data where you no longer consent to such processing.


You can withdraw your consent, or exercise any of your other rights, at any time by contacting us at dpo@flo.health or support@flo.health.

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Who should I contact at Flo about my data?

We believe in transparent and open dialogue, so we strongly encourage you to contact our Support Team (support@flo.health), our Data Protection Officer (dpo@flo.health) or send a message via our dedicated email (info@flo.health) if you have questions about how we collect or process your personal data, or anything related to our privacy practices.

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