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Open Sourcing Anonymous Mode

Flo open sources the technology behind its award-winning Anonymous Mode feature, making it available to the global femtech ecosystem and beyond.

What is Anonymous Mode?

Anonymous Mode protects users' sensitive reproductive health information by allowing them to use the app without their name, email, or technical identifiers (including IP address) being associated with the health data in their account. Flo Health, a leading female health app, made Anonymous Mode available to 50M active monthly users in an effort to offer a deeper layer of protection to sensitive reproductive health information. 

Why did you decide to release it as open source?

With its first open source project within the privacy domain, Flo Health hopes to raise the bar for online privacy standards, ultimately making the internet safer for all users. The company also wants to democratize access to stronger privacy features for health tech companies and beyond.

How does Flo use post-quantum technology?

The post-quantum technology is an additional layer of protection and helps Flo to further safeguard its users’ data. We integrated the latest version of OHTTP gateway and mobile client libraries developed by Cloudflare. These measures ensure post-quantum encryption to be applied to OHTTP traffic, which consists of Anonymous Mode users with Flo app, version 9.27 and up.  

OHTTP uses some cryptography algorithms when passing data between client and server. The safety of the protocol depends on the strength of these algorithms. Post-quantum support means that we have migrated and strengthened these algorithms so they cannot be broken even with future quantum computers.

Who can use the Oblivious HTTP technology and how can they implement it for themselves?

Anyone can use our open-source libraries, which are available for both Android and iOS systems. Additionally,  since OHTTP is an open source standard, any company can implement this standard into their product suite using our open-source libraries. Our open-source libraries are under MIT license, allowing for anyone’s access.

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