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The first health product with scientifically accurate predictions

The first period tracker & ovulation calculator that uses artificial intelligence for the most accurate menstrual cycle predictions.

Our AI-powered system increases prediction accuracy by 54.2% (prediction error reduced from 5.6 to 2.6 days) compared to traditional statistical models. A life-changer for women with irregular periods!

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Personalized daily content

Data-driven algorithms generate a personalized flow of useful tips & health insights:

Daily health insights

Enjoy daily feed updates with useful tips chosen specifically for you.

Сommunity-generated recommendations

Get support from the amazing Flo community of more than 12 million women around the globe.

Analytical reports

Discover unique patterns and relationships between your period and lifestyle.

Interactive surveys

Share your thoughts on the hottest health topics.

Flo assistant

Identify the cause of a painful symptom and overcome it easily with our 24/7 chatbot.

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Pregnancy mode

A smooth transition from period tracker to pregnancy calendar in one click.

Expecting a baby?
Simply switch to pregnancy mode within Flo, log your pregnancy symptoms and get valuable info about your body and baby’s development.
Have a healthy pregnancy with Flo.

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