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Key Features

  • Period tracker and ovulation calendar

    Log over 70 symptoms and activities to get the most precise AI-based period and ovulation predictions.
  • Daily health insights

    Enjoy thousands of expert articles, quizzes, and surveys in your personal feed continuously being adapted for your changing lifestyle.
  • Flo health assistant

    Health Assistant

    Get engaged in dialogues on different health topics to understand your body signals better.
  • Pregnancy and post-pregnancy modes

    Track your baby’s development and learn the essentials of being a parent with special visuals and articles developed by medical experts.
  • Secret Chats

    Discuss intimate topics, ask questions anonymously and get support from millions of women worldwide.
  • #1

    period tracker in the US by active audience

  • #1

    most downloaded health app in App Store

  • 40M

    monthly active users

  • 180M


“Flo is aiming to become more than just an app, with a hub covering all aspects of female health”

''If you don’t use the Flo app already you probably know someone else who does''

“Flo holds one of the top spots for female calendars and period trackers in the App Store and Google Play”

“As an app that over 50 percent of the world’s population could make use of on a monthly basis, it’s no wonder that Flo has met with enormous success since its launch in 2015”

“Empowering women through shared information”

“The app is more than just a monthly countdown tool”

“The fastest growing AI-driven women’s health platform”

"Flo uses artificial intelligence to predict menstrual cycles, while providing personalized health tips, interactive surveys, and analytical reports to help you"

the verge

"Flo gave me the thrill of indulging and validating my control freak tendencies”

Science in Flo

  • 80

    Medical experts from Europe and North America develop health & lifestyle content for Flo users

  • 8

    Collaborators: universities, medical associations, health organizations ensure that Flo users receive evidence-based medical information

European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

United Nations Population Fund

The Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders

The University of Adelaide

Texas Christian University

Northwestern University


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