Pregnancy week by week

Between a positive pregnancy test and reaching your due date, your body goes through some monumental changes. While you might have expected some of your early pregnancy symptoms, others may have come as a bit of a shock. And it’s little surprise — your body and your baby change every week. It can be hard to keep up. 

Our pregnancy week-by-week guide will walk you through what you might be able to expect between weeks one and 42 of pregnancy, including answers to some of your most frequently asked questions and a helpful pregnancy checklist for each week. 

First-trimester weeks

Weeks one to 13 of your pregnancy are considered your first trimester. During these weeks, you will conceive, find out you’re pregnant, be given your due date, and may even start to experience some early pregnancy symptoms. It’s a busy time!

​Second-trimester weeks 

Your second trimester is the middle of your pregnancy and covers weeks 14 to 27. During this time, you may feel the first flutters of your baby’s movements, have an ultrasound scan, and get into a pattern with your prenatal appointments. Here’s what to expect …

Third-trimester weeks

The third trimester marks the end of your pregnancy when you finally get to meet your little one. This runs from week 28 until you give birth. Find out what to expect as your baby continues to grow and you prepare for labor.