The 27th week of the pregnancy marks the final two weeks of the second trimester. It is a milestone for both you and the baby, and the beginning of the final pregnancy stage.

Your baby at week 27 of pregnancy

Make sure to lie down and rest while the baby is resting. This way, you will sleep more comfortably when the baby isn't kicking and being overly active. If your baby is more active at night you might suffer from insomnia and have trouble sleeping. Compensate for the lack of sleep time during the night by napping during the day more when the baby is sleeping.

You might also start to feel your baby hiccup. At this stage, the baby inhales and exhales the amniotic fluid so the hiccups are common. However, if you noticed that your baby is frequently having hiccups, consult your doctor.

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How big is your baby at 27 weeks pregnant?

The unborn baby is now the size of a head of cauliflower. He weighs almost 2 pounds (907 g) and measures 14.4 inches (36.6 cm) on average.

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27 weeks pregnant baby position

Due to the rapid development, the baby's head grows heavier as time goes on. When gravity acts upon it, it’ll inevitably change the spatial orientation of the baby. At week 27, the head is most likely facing down or in a downward diagonal.

Pregnancy week 27 fetal development

Eyes proceed to develop and the baby's retinae are forming. The baby is now developing his own waking and sleeping patterns so you might notice that she is getting into a schedule, a sort of a pattern, where she is awake and active and she's sleeping and being more still.

The baby's brain continues to form and develop. While there is no proof to this, experts claim that your baby is capable of dreaming right now. Keep in mind that the baby will also be highly responsive to sounds and temperature changes coming from the environment.

As the baby gets bigger, he or she might respond to different sensations. He may become more active while you're walking in the streets, and the baby can hear the traffic sounds, and there might also be melodies or songs that excite her.

During the previous weeks of the pregnancy, expect the baby to kick more harshly when you're drinking beverages that are very hot or very cold. Bonding with the baby during this time is great because the baby is able to hear and distinguish your voice as well as your partner's.

Your body at week 27 of pregnancy

Aside from the growing appetite, you might also experience heartburn. Eat lighter and less spicy foods to prevent heartburn. If heartburn is so severe to the point it's making it difficult for you to sleep or eat properly, talk to your doctor about prescribing remedies that will help ease the symptoms.

Sufficient rest is extremely important at 27 weeks and going forward. Overexhaustion can lead to fatigue, possibly losing consciousness, falling down, and increased blood pressure.

Make sure not to expose yourself to severe heat. Summer is an awkward season to be 27 weeks pregnant, but you should also be cautious during the cooler seasons as well. It might feel comfortable to shower with steaming hot water, make sure that it's not too hot. Being in extreme heat can cause your blood pressure to spike, which could further lead to nosebleeds or fatigue.

27 weeks pregnant belly

As your belly gets bigger at 27 weeks, pay more attention to skincare. You can nourish the stretching skin using lotions and olive oil to give it more elasticity and prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks are normal during pregnancy but they will be smaller and less visible if you hydrate your skin. Well-hydrated skin will be more elastic and more resistant to tears.

Your belly button is probably completely fully out by this point, and it could be sticking noticeably through your clothes. You could notice a dark vertical line (latin Linea Nigra — which means “a black line”), across your belly. This is common and normal without any possible negative repercussions for you or the baby's health. 

27 weeks pregnant symptoms

Food cravings are getting more and more severe as you move into the third trimester. Now more than ever it is important for you to make healthy food choices and stay away from sweets, fats, and carbs.

Avoid snacks, as well as overly salty and spicy foods. Both you and the baby will be packing on weight very easy from this week forward, so make sure not to gain more weight than normal.

Shortness of breath and chest pains are all still normal at 27 weeks, but feel free to talk to your doctor if the pains become severely uncomfortable or are otherwise concerning to you. Swelling of the face, hands, neck, ankles, feet, and legs is completely normal.

However, if you experienced trouble getting dressed or fitting into your shoes due to swelling, talk to your doctor. The more rest you get the less you will swell up.

27 weeks pregnant ultrasound

During the 27th week of pregnancy, you shouldn't be sent for an ultrasound unless there are issues that need checking out. Your doctor will give you an ultrasound in case of the following symptoms:

  • Excess baby hiccups
  • Reduced or missing fetal movement
  • Overly active baby and intense kicking that lasts throughout multiple hours at a time
  • Abnormal swelling and symptoms of preeclampsia
  • Any other symptoms and conditions specific to your health history.

27 weeks pregnant lifestyle

Do more shopping this week. Get to purchasing baby supplies, clothes for you and the baby, extra towels, strollers, cribs, and any other necessities that you haven't already purchased. Start gathering the hospital supplies. Though it's still too early to think about the labor, the theoretical possibility of premature labor always exists.

As you approach the week 30 of the pregnancy, you should have all of the supplies in check in case of an emergency hospital stay. Work on gathering supplies for the labor as well as organizing and having all of the relevant pregnancy medical paperwork by your side at all times.

Sex at week 27 of pregnancy

Sex might become more and more uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses. If your obstetrician gave you an 'OK' to have sex at this stage, make sure that you are being careful to yourself and the baby. This isn't the time to experiment but rather to be tender to your own body, and to be comfortable.

Make sure you are using protection, especially a condom. You don't need to worry about pregnancy for obvious reasons, but you still need protection to prevent catching any bacteria or infection. If you have unprotected sex at this stage it could lead to premature labor, rupturing of the amniotic sac, and also more severe complications like an infection during labor, or the fetal infection. If your doctor doesn't recommend having sex, consider masturbating that is good for a woman's health.

27 weeks pregnant checklist

Do not skip meals at any cost even if it means carrying packages and snacks with you.

Learn as much as you can about newborn babies because 'learning as you go' after you give birth will be a lot more difficult.

If your current living circumstances are stressful, talk to your doctor about how to learn how to manage stressful situations and your reaction.

What to ask your doctor?

Make sure to get instructions from your doctor on the following issues:

  • Normal vs. alarming swelling and leg cramps. Depending on your individual characteristics, your doctor will explain how to track these symptoms and distinguish normal from alarming.

  • Easing backaches. As the baby grows, you'll feel more discomfort. Your doctor will instruct you on local and homeopathic remedies you can use to ease the pains and feel more comfortable.

  • Treating hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy but can become extremely painful and uncomfortable. Ask your doctor for safe medications and other options to ease the itching and burning sensations.