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    34 weeks pregnant: Your guide to this week of your third trimester

    Updated 25 August 2023 |
    Published 24 February 2019
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    Medically reviewed by Dr. Charlsie Celestine, Obstetrician and gynecologist, New Jersey, US
    Written by Kate Hollowood
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    From breast changes to birth terms, here’s the lowdown on being 34 weeks pregnant.

    At 34 weeks pregnant, you may be getting used to life in your third trimester. But you’re probably also wondering what to expect this week and in the important weeks ahead. Scroll down to learn about the possible pregnancy symptoms you might experience at 34 weeks, with advice from a Flo expert, as well as the exciting new milestones your baby is reaching. 

    Your baby at 34 weeks pregnant

    Getting stronger bones

    At 34 weeks, your baby’s bones are continuing to harden. Their skull will remain softer, though, to make birth easier. In fact, your baby will be born with two soft spots in the skull to help the birthing process. The smaller spot will close by the time your little one is two to three months old, and the larger spot will close around the time they’re 18 months.  

    Baby may have descending testicles

    This week your baby may also have descending testicles — if they’re a boy, that is! Most male baby’s testicles will have fully descended by the time they’re three to six months old.

    How big is a baby at 34 weeks?

    Length (crown to heel): 45.2 cm or 17.8  in.