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    9 weeks pregnant: Your guide to this week of your first trimester

    Updated 29 June 2023 |
    Published 24 February 2019
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    Dr. Nazaneen Homaifar
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    From your first ultrasound to those pesky pregnancy symptoms, here’s the lowdown on being 9 weeks pregnant.

    You’re 9 weeks into your pregnancy journey, which is quite the milestone. This week your baby officially transitions from being an embryo to a fetus, which simply means that it enters a different stage of development. It’s during this stage, also known as the fetal stage, that your baby will do most of their growing and developing. You might also be finding your pregnancy symptoms tough to handle right around now, but hang in there — we promise they won’t last forever. 

    Want to learn more? Let’s find out what your body and baby are up to right now, with the help of a Flo expert. 


    Your week by week pregnancy guide

    Track your baby's growth and find out how your body's changing in the Flo app

    Your baby at 9 weeks pregnant

    As your body changes, it’s natural to wonder how your baby is developing inside you. With a pregnancy tracking app like Flo, you can find out what’s expected week-by-week and get answers to the most frequently asked questions from parents-to-be. Here’s what to know about week nine.

    Their tongue is starting to develop

    Yep, and the tongue even has miniature taste buds. Your baby will be able to open their mouth by around 11 weeks

    Hands and feet are developing 

    Amazing, isn’t it? Your baby even has ridges that mark where their fingers and toes will be. But they haven’t separated out just yet — this starts to happen at around 11 weeks. The thought of your baby having webbed feet and hands might be a bit strange, but rest assured that this is totally normal.

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