Editorial Process

How We Create Our Content

Since you’ve allowed us to join you on your health journey, your trust is crucial to us.

At Flo, our priority is to provide all our users with evidence-based, accurate health and well-being information. That’s why we would like to be as transparent with you as possible and share how we create our content, choose our sources of information, and select our expert medical and science contributors. 

We’re sharing this to give you a better understanding of our editorial process and our content, which is put together via a thorough review process.

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What Makes Our Content Valuable


In the content-creating process, several in-house departments of specialists are involved. They work together to create helpful, up-to-date, and accurate medical content:

  • In-house medical doctors and specialists
  • Legal team
  • Professional writers and editors
  • External medical board, recognized internal organizations (for example, the United Nations Population Fund and the European Board & College of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Fact-Checked Content

To keep all our content up-to-date, we review it periodically to make sure it’s in line with the latest health standards, new scientific research, and medical guidelines. We follow strict content review principles when fact-checking our articles.

Authoritative Sources

Providing you with reliable and updated health and well-being information is our priority. That’s why we choose our sources strictly following Flo content guidelines and prioritize:

  • Peer-reviewed articles in databases from respected authorities
  • Internationally recognized health advocacy organizations and academic institutions

For the sake of transparency, we share references to each article’s primary sources (see “References” link at the bottom of any article).

Expert Reviewers

Before our content appears on our website or app, it gets fact-checked and reviewed by qualified medical doctors and specialists from our Medical Board, who have long-lasting experiences in their relevant fields of expertise. As we expand to cover a wide range of health topics from general health and fertility to well-being and mental health, our team of specialists broadens to adapt to your needs.

Academic institutions and internationally recognized health organizations are also among our collaborators and content reviewers. 

Your Voice Counts

At Flo, it’s important to us that our readers remain the authorities of their own experiences and we help you with useful information and guidance along the way. 

If you have any feedback, questions, or thoughts, feel free to let us know. We listen to our users’ requests and make sure to incorporate your suggestions as best as possible to improve your experience with our content.