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Best fertility app

We’ve selected these apps based on their quality, user reviews, and overall reliability.


Trying to get pregnant can be one of the most stressful milestones in life.

Flo Period Tracker

It’s not uncommon for many women to be working long hours, far beyond the typical 9 to 5.

Flo: period tracker app in France

L’industrie de la Tech se développe de plus en plus dans le domaine des menstruations.

Cross Aunt Flow Off

It’s your big day, and your least-favorite Aunt decides to show up. We’re not talking about your real Aunt – we’re talking about Aunt Flow.

Track your PMS symptoms

When you hear the phrase “That time of the month” we all think ice cream, sweatpants, and expected changes in mood. But many women suffer from things like bloating and headaches that can make their period miserable.

Les meilleurs applications dédiées aux menstruations

Les menstruations seraient-elles les grandes oubliées de la santé connectée ? Malgré une faible médiatisation, plusieurs applications proposent pourtant aux personnes réglées de suivre leur cycle menstruel sur leur smartphone. Voici les meilleures.


You’d be surprised at how much your phone can do. Keep reading for the health apps every woman should have on her phone.


A major breakthrough in the FemTech domain has recently been done by Flo Period Tracker – the first period tracking app to publicly announce using artificial intelligence for improving cycle predictions.


Periods can be tough to manage, but the AI-powered Flo app for smartphones makes it a little bit easier for all involved.


Read about the latest intel for a less annoying time of the month.


Google and Amazon brought AI into the home and DeepMind built a computer that could outsmart humans at Go. Will 2017 hold similar advancements? Everything has AI now. Period-tracking app Flo “uses a neural network approach” to deliver “high period forecast accuracy”.


In an industry still demonstrably dominated by men, digital tools specific to women have, for the most part, been a niche category. But the field of digital women’s health, which some entrepreneurs are calling “Femtech”, may be at a tipping point.


The Flo app, a woman’s period calculator that tracks and smartly predicts menstrual cycles, ovulation, and fertile days, raised $1 million in seed round funding.


The Flo app — the period calculator for women that tracks and predicts menstrual cycles, ovulation, and fertile days — has raised $1 million in seed round.

Desperately trying to get pregnant? There’s an app for that. Actually, there are many apps for that. Type “period tracker” into Google Play and you’ll uncover more than 100 programs that help women track their menstrual cycles and dispense all kinds of helpful advice about health, fertility and how to conceive.

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