Why can't I change the week of pregnancy?

Flo calculates the gestational age from the first day of your last period. If your gestational age proves to be more than the one Flo shows, you can change it the following way:
1. Click More - Pregnancy Mode - I am no longer pregnant - Delete pregnancy information - Delete.
2. Click Calendar - Edit period dates - Uncheck your last period - Save.
2. Enable Pregnancy Mode again.

Pregnancy mode is off by a week.

There are two ways of displaying the number of weeks is Flo: Current and Completed. If you’ve set Current and Flo shows week 40, it means that 39 weeks have passed and week 40 is in progress.

If you choose Completed, Flo will show how many weeks have passed. Users from different countries are used to counting the weeks using one of this methods.

When you activate Pregnancy mode in Flo, the current week is shown by default. However, you can change it in More > Pregnancy mode > Displaying of weeks > Choose Completed.

How does Flo calculate the week of pregnancy?

There are two types of counting how far along you are: gestational age and fetal or embryonic age.

Flo shows gestational age that is calculated from the first day of your last period. Gestational age usually differs from the fetal one by 2 weeks.

Although the week of pregnancy can be changed in More > Pregnancy mode > Gestational age, we do not recommend to change it. All the insights are also shown based on the gestational age. So if you change it, the articles may be not relevant to you.

How can I log a miscarriage?

It’s possible to log a miscarriage in Flo. Please activate Pregnancy mode in the app - press Settings on the big circle - I’m no longer pregnant - Miscarriage - Next - Select the day - Done. In this case the app will save data about your pregnancy and ovulation and period predictions will not appear until you log your next period.

Button “I’m no longer pregnant” appears starting from day 29 of pregnancy.

We wish you the best of luck!