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June 08, 2022

Flo Health Launches Flo for Business, An Inclusive Approach to Women’s Health for Employees

New employee benefit provides science-backed, comprehensive support across a variety of reproductive health topics for every life stage.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 8, 2022 -- Today, Flo Health, the #1 period and ovulation tracker chosen by over 240 million users worldwide, announced the rollout of their global business to business offering: Flo for Business. Offered in 20 languages across 175+ countries, Flo for Business is designed to educate and empower employees when it comes to tracking their periods, fertility, and overall reproductive health. This new offering provides a comprehensive approach to women’s health, offering medically-backed scientific content and suggestions from doctors to help employees better understand their body and take proactive steps towards their individual health. 

Women’s health benefits extend far beyond fertility offerings. While approximately 10% of women are planning for a family presently, 90% of women are seeking support for other areas of health and wellbeing. Flo for Business provides support for 100% of the female population across every life stage, no matter the health need they are looking to address. With this latest offering, employees have access to the robust features from the Flo app, including accurate health predictions, personalized health insights, quality health content authored by medical experts, and a supportive community of 200 million women globally. 

“Flo’s mission has always been to build a better future for female health, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to extend this offering to employers,” said Chad Deshler, Chief Revenue Officer of Flo Health.“ Women’s healthcare costs on average 25% more than it does for men, and 72% of the time, women wait longer than men to receive a medical diagnosis. Employers are unknowingly absorbing these healthcare costs, and as we’ve seen with the ‘Great Resignation,’ women are leaving the workforce in droves. Keeping female talent in the workforce – and thriving in their careers – calls for female-oriented benefits, suited to the unique needs of female employees.”

It has been reported that work-related stress, depression, and anxiety are 1.4 times more prevalent in women than in men, underscoring the need for better support and benefits. According to a survey conducted by Flo of almost 2,000 Flo users, 68% of employees indicate that their menstrual cycles impact their productivity, concentration, efficiency, and interest in their work. Menstrual issues incur an average cost of six days of sick leave, equating to a national average of $840/ female employee. Through the app’s ability to detect conditions early, employees are able to better advocate for themselves and, in turn, reduce their healthcare costs.

“Providing comprehensive support for female employees is no longer a “nice to have,” said Anna Klepchukova, Chief Medical Officer at Flo Health. “Access to education and credible information is the first step to being in control of personal health and wellbeing. Flo is committed to providing evidence-based information on effective contraceptive methods and sexual health, and supporting health literacy for our millions of users. We hope that by doing so, female employees receive the consistent health education and support that they deserve, all while thriving in their careers.”

Since the start of the pandemic, nearly two million women have left the workforce, many due to not being appropriately supported by their employer when it comes to benefits and balancing family care. According to a Deloitte study, 57% of women say they plan to leave their current job within two years, and 21% of these women expect to be gone in less than a year. These numbers further underscore the urgent need for women to receive more support in the workplace. 

Ranked the #1 Health App for Women, Flo is at the forefront of female health. From adopting the latest in AI technology, to leading challenging conversations on topics including the Great Resignation of Female Talent - Flo has the tools to keep moving female and reproductive health forward. To learn more about Flo for Business and how you as an employer can provide comprehensive support for your employees, check out https://business.flo.health

About Flo

Flo is the most popular women’s health app globally; it is #1 OB-GYN-recommended app for period and cycle tracking based on the survey among US OB-GYNs. Over 240 million people  have downloaded Flo, and 45 million people use it on a monthly basis. With over 100+ medical experts, Flo supports women during their entire reproductive lives and provides curated cycle and ovulation tracking, personalized health insights, expert tips, and a private community for women to share their questions and concerns. Flo prioritizes safety and keeps a sharp focus on being the most trusted digital source for​ ​women's health information. Flo health app is available in more than​ 20 languages on iOS and Android. For more information, please visit https://flo.health.

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