Machine Learning Engineer

Foundation | Minsk | Vilnius | London

If you join us, you will face the following:
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Development of ML algorithms
  • Deployment to millions of users

Required Skills & Abilities:
  • 4+ years of professioanal experience within ML field
  • Good understanding of neural networks, especially RNNs
  • Good understanding of classic ML algorithms (e.g. SVM, trees, clustering, etc.)
  • Programming skills (Python is preferred)
  • Experience working with big datasets (≥ 1Tb)

Preferred skills:
  • Experience deploying ML models to production
  • Data visualization skills
  • Knowledge of big data technologies (Redshift, HDFS/S3, Spark, Kafka/Kinesis, etc.)
  • Experience in med tech domain

The salary range for this position in Vilnius, Lithuania is 4000 - 6000 € gross per month