Senior Backend Engineer (Python)

Monetization | Minsk | Vilnius

We reach our goal by:
  • Providing users with health insights such as cycle and ovulation prediction based on ML algorithms
  • Creating interactive content such as our extremely successful virtual assistant (chat-bot) and performing surveys
  • Providing customer insights based on data gathered and processed to the other departments of the company
  • Performing numerous experiments and testing new product features
If you join us, you will be actively involved in improving the customer journey, performing tests and analyzing user experience, adding and testing new features to the core product.
Our work is based on the following principles and technology:
  • Server-side programming in Python.
  • Polyglot persistence (we take the database that matches a particular case)
  • API-first approach; UI comes second
  • Distributed scalable environment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Real-Life Big Data application
Required Skills & Background
  • 6+ years of experience in building distributed applications and services
  • Understanding of high availability, high performance, and high security, and where each needs to be applied
  • Strong knowledge of Python, DevOps, SQL and NoSQL
  • Love for API building
  • Agile mindset; ability to adapt to changes quickly and comfortably
Good to have
  • Knowledge of Streaming processing and public clouds
  • Production experience with eventual consistency
  • Experience with systems with more than 1 million daily active users
  • Scala experience

The salary range for this position in Vilnius, Lithuania is 4000 - 7500 € gross per month.