Director of Engineering

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What is Health Department

Flo aims to significantly improve health & wellbeing of every girl and woman worldwide. Flo gives women the chance to discover and understand their bodies and minds, guided by experts, supported by a community. Flo is a  holistic health and wellbeing guide that supports and helps women to understand their bodies and minds and make more informed decisions about their health and wellbeing throughout all life stages. Flo is a SuperApp, organized around a Core Product and complementary Satellite Products, personalized to different user needs and reproductive goals. 
Health Stream is one of the core ones for Flo’s Engineering Org. It consists of three cross-functional teams of up to 10 engineers each.  Its key focus is increasing the value we bring to our users. We nurture the value across all the aspects of the product by integrating the cutting-edge AI approaches and collaborating with worldwide recognized medical institutes and international organizations. Most women come to us expecting a period tracker but discover so much more.

We reach our goal by:

  • Providing users with personalized health insights on  their cycle predictions based on ML algorithms;
  • Developing multimedia content such as our unique virtual assistant (chat-bot) and numerous surveys;
  • Performing numerous experiments, testing, and gradually rolling out new product features.

What you will be doing:
  • Organizing work in Stream's teams based on the product vision
  • Orchestrating technical aspects of the product development
  • Ensure executing product vision and plans according to the established quality metrics
  • Setting up development processes based on the best industry practices (principles, rules) for Health Stream (UI standards, Security, API, CD, monitoring, etc.)
  • People management (Value Stream allocation and forming, hiring members, growth)
  • Ensure effective collaboration among streams and manage dependencies (tech and org)
  • Standing for and demonstrating consistent behavior around working principles such as mutual-dependency/partnership, thoughtful disagreement, and etc.
  • Setting the proper environment to establish a transparent information flow
  • Escalating and solving any potential issues  within and outside the stream
  • Implementing the agreed artifacts for the stream