Engineering Manager

Engineering |

We reach our goal by:
  • Providing users with personalized health insights on  their cycle predictions based on ML algorithms;
  • Developing multimedia content such as our unique virtual assistant (chat-bot) and numerous surveys;
  • Performing numerous experiments, testing, and gradually rolling out new product features.

What you will be doing:
  • Organizing work in a team according to the product vision
  • Orchestrating technical aspects of the product development
  • Executing product vision and plans according to the established quality metrics
  • Implementing the best development processes (principles, rules) for a specific team
  • People management (team allocation and forming, hiring members, education, etc.)
  • Responsible for ensuring collaboration among teams and managing dependencies (tech and org)
  • Ensuring that the team understands and uses engineering best practices: UI standards, security, API, CD, monitoring, etc.
  • Setting the environment to establish transparency and information for the team
  • Escalating and solving problems within and outside the given team
  • Implementing agreed artifacts for the team