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About our team: 

  • we're united by our company's mission to make women across the globe healthier, help them to better understand their own bodies, and assist them in interpreting and reacting to the body's signals; 
  • we're always looking for new initiatives and innovations. We follow global trends in our fields in order to propose and implement best practices;
  • everyone on our team is ready and willing to tackle difficult and complex tasks and information;
  • we can keep up in rapidly changing environments and achieve the desired results; 
  • all of us are proactive and self-sufficient—that's what makes our team so valuable and professional;
  • our communications are geared toward effectiveness and timely problem solving;
  • our close attention to detail means that we don't miss a thing.

We're looking for someone who shares our team values and who:

  • has 3+ years of experience implementing, improving, and developing HR processes in a similar role;
  • understands our company's business processes;
  • has an intermediate or higher level of English proficiency.

Your duties will include:

  • improving existing HR processes and implementing new ones;
  • monitoring employee loyalty and engagement, suggesting and implementing changes based on the data obtained;
  • coordinating and assisting with performance reviews and other processes;
  • participating in the development and implementation of organizational changes;
  • consulting managers about HR matters;
  • implementing various HR projects from scratch.