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What is The Delivery Department

We're a Delivery Stream. We’re indirectly customers facing teams. Our main goal is to provide, maintain and continuously improve the platform for the rest of the company and make sure our product managers, developers, analytics, content creators, and anybody involved in creating product value have the most effective tools and data. The department is consists of five teams:

  • Velocity - team is focused on accelerating velocity and reducing delivery friction using elastic infrastructure and related tooling, coupled with simplified build, deployment, and monitoring. Simplify DevOps practices within development teams.
  • Quality - development and adoption of quality tools, implementation of standard quality framework and increase of quality transparency within a company, serve the needs of QA engineers embedded in development teams.
  • Internal IT - office IT operations, e.g. access management, IT assets management.
  • Data Platform - data warehouse development, data quality, data engineering and transfer, development of experiment service and other internal data related tools.
  • Tools - development and support of various internal tools, that are dedicated for customer support, content storage and transport, finance control, customer feedback collection, etc.

We reach our goal by:

  • Speed up the delivery of value to our customers
  • Ensure quality is top of mind of each Flo employee
  • Smooth operation of the whole company
  • Data-driven decisions have a trustworthy and reliable base

What you will be doing:

  • Organizing work in Stream's teams based on the product vision
  • Orchestrating technical aspects of the product development
  • Ensure executing product vision and plans according to the established quality metrics
  • Set-up and improvement of SCRUM routines
  • Setting up development processes based on the best industry practices (principles, rules) for Delivery Stream (Security, CI/CD, monitoring and alerting, code review, etc.)
  • Participate in Incident management process, preparation of post-mortem reports, share knowledge outside the team and the stream
  • People management (Value Stream allocation and forming, hiring members, growth, performance review)
  • Ensure effective collaboration among streams and manage dependencies (tech and org)
  • Standing for and demonstrating consistent behavior around working principles such as mutual-dependency/partnership, thoughtful disagreement, etc.
  • Setting the proper environment to establish a transparent information flow
  • Escalating and solving any potential issues within and outside the Stream
  • Implementing the agreed artifacts for the Stream