Senior Backend Engineer (Python) - Tools

Tools | Minsk

What do we do

We’re Delivery stream. Our main goal is to provide, maintain and continuously improve the platform for the rest of the company and make sure our developers, content creators and anybody involved in creating product value have the most effective tools to do so. Among our activities:
  • Improving engineer efficiency by providing automation tools, reusable infrastructure and thoroughly developed processes.
  • Improving efficiency of other employees by integrating various internal systems, e.g. enhance support tool for robust and stellar user experience, finances system with market places, content development with mobile application
  • Platform used for experiments set-up and evaluation
  • ML / AI platform and services for our Data Scientists and ML engineers
  • Development of cloud management tools (infrastructure automation, cost control etc.)
  • Data architectures, data modeling and data infrastructure ecosystem
  • Integrations (data) with various 3rd parties
  • Evaluate quality and help other teams to improve it
  • Reliable data in terms of quality, privacy and reliability
Our work is based on the following principles and technology:
  • Server-side programming in Python.
  • Polyglot persistence (we take the database that matches a particular case)
  • API-first approach; UI comes second
  • Distributed scalable environment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Real-Life Big Data application
Required Skills & Background
  • 6+ years of experience in building distributed applications and services
  • Good Python knowledge
  • Strong SQL experience
  • Experience with message brokers (SQS/RabbitMQ/Kafka)
  • Experience with at least one Python web framework (preferably AioHTTP)
  • Experience with Docker
Good to have
  • Experience of data pipelines building
  • Experience with JavaScript and React
  • Experience with infrastructure as a code (e.g. Ansible/Terraform)
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Production experience with Cloud Services (AWS preferably)