Senior Android Engineer - Health

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What is Health Department

Flo’s mission is to improve the lives of millions of women worldwide. We provide advanced
user data analytics and most recent scientific research as we believe that knowledge and self-
awareness is the key to a healthier and better wellbeing.

The health department is one of the core streams at Flo. It’s a cross- functional team of 15
people focusing on increasing the value we bring to our customers, having an impact on all
major product lines of the app.

We reach our goal by:
  • Providing users with health insights such as cycle and ovulation prediction based on ML
  • Creating interactive content such as our extremely successful virtual assistant (chat-bot)
and performing surveys
  • Providing customer insights to the other departments of the company
  • Performing numerous experiments and testing new product features

If you join us, you will be actively involved in improving the customer journey, performing tests
and analyzing user experience, adding and testing new features to the core product.

Our work is based on the following principles and technology:
  • We use Modern frameworks and libraries along with in-house components: 
         Kotlin, RxJava 2, Dagger, Room, Architecture Components as Tech Stack, 
          Figma, Lottie, Sentry, Looker, SmartCat as development process improvements
  • We follow Clean Architecture & SOLID principles. Flo is a highly modularized app
  • We implement modern development practices: decision-making framework, code
review, architecture review, scrum, continuous delivery, code generation & linting
  • A lot of routine tasks are automatized: tests running, localization, linting
  • We respect unit tests. Up to 80% of test coverage on new modules.

Required Skills & Background:
  • Expert-level knowledge of Android with 6+ years of experience in developing, shipping,
and maintaining mobile applications
  • Prior experience with mobile applications with 1M+ user base and rich UI, preferably on
tier-1 markets
  • Proficient in Java with strong object-oriented design skills
  • Strong knowledge of different versions of Android, Android UI design principles,
patterns, best
  • Ambitious, motivated and a good team player
Good to have
  • Knowledge of Kotlin programming language, Clean Architecture and reactive
  • Experience with mobile continuous delivery tooling (build, test and release automation)
  • Understanding of BI and analytical systems, A/B testing
  • Experience with alternative Android markets
  • Experience in optimizing data usage over mobile networks and experience with offline-
first apps

Why Flo?
  • We improve the lives of millions of women worldwide
  • Strong management with proven track record of successful projects, including MSQRD,
AIMatter,, backed by leading international VC’s
  • Experienced and highly professional development team (no juniors and mid-levels, only
senior coders)
  • Democratic and agile environment based on meritocratic principles
  • Numerous opportunities for career and personal development
What we offer
  • Competitive salary
  • Equity allocation after the first full year of work (no vesting!)
  • Remuneration of medical, healthcare, educational and professional development
  • Flexible working schedule