Build the future of women’s health

Working at Flo

Work on a unique product

Here at Flo we create a unique platform for women to monitor their health using AI and cutting-edge data analytics to provide unparalleled experience for our users.

Work with top talent

At Flo we expect every new hire to raise the bar. By exceeding our own expectations, we ensure that we always work with the top professionals in every field.

Grow together

Growth at Flo means constantly finding ways to challenge your thinking and expand your skills. The more you do, the more you learn. greater your impact will be on the company goals

Achieve more

We practice “servant leadership.” Managers at Flo ask “What can I do for you?” rather than vice versa. They support their teams to better growth and through continuous improvement.

Flo Cultural Values

Over the course of all these years, we’ve formalized our underlying principles, what we can and can’t compromise on, how we actually set goals, make decisions, resolve disagreements, build priorities, treat each other, and define impact.

Technology behind Flo

Our global benefits

Participation in Flo’s success

We firmly believe every employee contributes to the company’s growth and its future success. All employees are eligible to participate in Flo’s Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) and be awarded equity to participate in the long-term value creation of the business.

Resources you need to thrive

We're a smart bunch of people who know that growing value for our users means continually growing ourselves. At Flo you will have access to internal and external learning resources and tools to challenge your knowledge and push yourself further every day. We support career progression from within through personal development plans and dedicated Learning & Development budget to help you thrive.

Family benefits

There is more to life than work, and because of that we are offering a world-class package of parental policies for all our new parents. As a new mum you will get 6 months of fully paid maternity leave, and a $5000 bonus on your return to work to help you settle into the new life. All our new dads get 1 month fully paid paternity leave to be there fully and bond with the new baby. Depending on your country there may be additional options for parental time off and shared parental leave beyond the early days.

Hiring worldwide

The work we do at Flo makes us proud, both as teammates and as parents, partners, and spouses.

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