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Dangers of Refined Products: 6 Processed Foods to Avoid

Various types of processed food are can be found basically on every store shelf nowadays. Let’s try to figure out which refined products are good for you, which are bad, and how to avoid unhealthy eating on a regular basis.

Processed foods

Almost all the food that we eat undergoes initial preparation. It can be boiled, fried, and seasoned with salt and spices before being consumed. But do these processes differ in home and commercial conditions?

Refined products are the result of long-term industrial processing with chemical, thermal, and other transformations.
They look appetizing but are made from purified ingredients and artificial substances that have no health benefits. Such products contain many additives that enhance the taste, smell or color. Ingredients are used to give it an appetizing texture, and preservatives ensure a longer shelf life (for example, in sausage, ready-to-eat breakfasts, ketchup, and cakes.)

To choose products containing less chemical additives and to protect yourself from their harmful effects, be sure to always read the list of ingredients on the label.

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Refined products that have undergone long-term industrial processing often lose a significant number of healthy substances and contain additives that can damage your health when consumed in large quantities.

The list of processed foods to avoid includes:

  • sausage and pâtés. They contain a lot of salt, fats, coloring agents and substances to give the food a pleasant texture.
  • pastry, ready-to-eat breakfasts, and white bread. White flour has no health benefits, and pastry contains a lot of sugar, flavoring, and coloring agents.
  • sweet drinks. They contain a lot of sugar and coloring agents.
  • dairy products. The heat treatment of milk reduces the activity and concentration of biologically active compounds, and dairy products, such as yogurt and curd, contain sugar and coloring agents.
  • canned vegetables. In addition to thermal processing, their preparation involves preservatives.
  • ketchup and sauces. They contain a lot of sugar, salt, coloring agents, and flavor enhancers.







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