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Include Yourself on Your Valentine’s List. Enjoy Self-Love!

Self-love has a lot of positive benefits on our general well-being. But sometimes we forget to show ourselves as much love as we may show to others. This is why we asked our users this year for Valentine’s Day, what if ... you were in a relationship with yourself? And here are the results.

A massive 68 percent said that they would pay more attention to how they feel. Self-love starts here — listening to your emotions and responding with care if you feel, for example, uncomfortable. Self-love means treating ourselves the same way we treat people we truly love: with kindness, empathy, and compassion in our actions and words. 

We asked users to imagine what gift they would give to themselves for Valentine’s Day: a relaxing day at the spa was chosen by 29 percent; a hug and a kiss by 20 percent; jewelry or something similar by 17 percent; 11 percent chose flowers, and a generous 9 percent would give themselves a romantic trip to Paris.

Self-love, like love itself, has a positive effect on your well-being and may reduce risk of stress or anxiety and increase resilience in challenging situations. That’s why we like our users’ attitude toward themselves: 39 percent like everything about themselves; 26 percent prefer their kindness; 11 percent love their smile, and 11 percent favor their mind.  

If you don’t know which message to send to your closest ones, choose from one that our surveyed users would send to themselves: 1 in 3 would say, “I couldn’t ask for a better partner than myself” and almost the same number would tell themselves, “You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” 

You don’t have to prepare to love yourself, achieve goals, exercise more, or learn a foreign language — just go for it. Our users responded that 1 in 4 would say “I love you” to themselves every morning, and 1 in 3 would say it every time they do something they’re proud of. Only 12 percent of users responded that it’s difficult for them to say “I love you” to anyone. 

Use this Valentine’s Day to celebrate love with those closest to you, but also take care of the most important person in your life … you! About half of the users surveyed have celebrated self-love by spending time with themselves and giving themselves something nice, and 1 in 4 does so a few times per year. And (we really like this attitude!) 16 percent believe that every day spent with themselves is the best day. 

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