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Sleeping Naked: 8 Incredible Benefits of Sleeping Nude

Sleeping in the nude has several surprising health benefits, beyond simple comfort. Many women still underestimate the power of sleeping naked, so here are eight powerful health benefits to sleeping naked that might make you ditch your pajamas for good!

Sleep better

Falling asleep and staying asleep is easier when you remove stifling layers of clothing. For women in perimenopause or full menopause, hot flashes at night can make it harder to get restful sleep. Removing your pajamas can help your body better regulate its temperature and allow you a full night’s sleep.

Getting a proper night's sleep can have a positive effect on your physical and mental well-being. From allowing your body to heal itself to balancing your mood, proper sleep hygiene is an essential piece of good self-care. 

Fall asleep faster

You may be able to fall asleep faster when you feel comfortable and snuggly. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of smooth sheets against your skin after a long day. It may be easier to relax and drift off to sleep when you’re physically comfortable, without constricting nightclothes.

In addition, lowering your body temperature by just one degree can help you reduce middle-of-the-night and early morning wakings. Your body temperature is correlated with a regulation of the circadian rhythm — your body’s internal clock.

Enhance your self-esteem and body image

Better self-esteem means being comfortable in your skin. When you sleep naked, you may feel more in touch with your body. The feeling of sleeping without tangled nightclothes or a restrictive bra is freeing, making you feel happier and more relaxed.

Enjoy a happier love life

The natural health benefits of sleeping naked extend beyond your own body. Your partner may enjoy the skin-to-skin contact when you are in bed together. 

This contact between you and your partner can increase the release of oxytocin, the feel-good love hormone. Increased touching of bare skin releases this chemical, which reinforces the emotional connection between you and your partner. Full skin-to-skin contact also increases the pleasure of orgasms, and those, in turn, can help reduce your stress and naturally boost your mood.

Avoid yeast infections

When you sleep in underwear or pajamas, there’s some constriction and a little less airflow. This can lead to a greater incidence of yeast infections, as tight garments can create an environment that’s conducive for them to develop. Clothing restricts air on the skin, which places like your crotch and underarms need for healthier skin. Your body needs to rest and have fresh air during sleep. Damp, constrictive garments can lead to yeast infections, also athlete's foot, and other fungal skin diseases.

Burn calories

The actual act of sleeping is still a calorie burner — your body is repairing damage in your cells from your busy day. This includes your top layer of the skin, small tears in muscle tissue, and much of the maintenance of your body’s systems. The activity of repairing muscle and collagen damage burns calories, even while you're sleeping.

There’s another aspect of sleeping nude that many people might appreciate. Decreasing the levels of cortisol in your body, especially during sleep, can help fight the accumulation of belly fat.  

Slow down aging

Part of the healing process of sleep includes new collagen production in your skin. With better sleep comes more thorough reconstruction of damaged collagen, which leaves your skin looking plump and dewy.

How to start sleeping naked

The fastest way to start sleeping naked is to just take off your clothes. However, for some, such as ladies with small children in the home, there are many reasons that sleeping fully nude isn’t a viable option. You never know when your little one will wake up with a nightmare and want to crawl into bed for comfort.

Other women may simply not feel comfortable disrobing entirely. You may find it more comfortable to sleep naked when you sleep in a darker room, giving you more privacy. 

One way to become more comfortable sleeping naked is to take a very hot shower, moisturize as usual, then get into your bed with a fan blowing lightly on your body. Raising your body temperature then gradually cooling it with a gentle breeze can help you relax and become more comfortable sleeping with bare skin.

What to wear if you can’t sleep naked

Constricting clothes are uncomfortable and can have adverse effects on your health, both physically and mentally. Sleeping nude can be enjoyable and beneficial for many women, but if you aren’t able to sleep fully naked, there are a few options to help you sleep more comfortably and get some of the benefits of sleeping nude.

Natural materials and loose-fitting pajamas can help you sleep better. Make sure the fabric is cotton, silk, or linen, instead of synthetic fibers. Consider the weave of the fabric, as well — jersey knit has plenty of bounce and stretch, which will help with your range of movement.

Make sure that your PJs are clean each night. Dirty pajamas have a buildup of dead skin cells and sweat, which can cause acne or an itchy, red rash called contact dermatitis.

If your toes and feet are especially cold at night, it may be harder for your body to naturally regulate its temperature so you can fall asleep. Lightweight socks, not thick wool ones, can help keep your toes warm and make it easier for you to sleep nude otherwise.

Sleeping naked can have several different benefits on your overall health. While not everyone can sleep naked all the time, for many women, shifting from nightclothes to naked can have a positive effect. 




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