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August 27, 2018

5 New Flo Features

Hi! Here we are again — Flo’s support team that (hopefully!) has already caught you fancy. Today we’re going to tell you about the latest and coolest Flo features.

1. Add new symptoms! More and more symptoms

Every day we get suggestions from you on how we can diversify symptoms. So insomnia, constipation, diarrhea and alcohol can now be logged as factors that affect your cycle and life.

2. Change your week of pregnancy

As Flo is used not only for tracking cycles, but also for tracking pregnancy. Yes, we take care of our future moms as well. Activation of pregnancy mode automatically calculates a week of pregnancy from the first day of the last period, as it’s considered to be one of the main methods to evaluate gestational age. However, visiting a doctor or having an ultrasound sometimes change the original predictions. And Flo allows to react to these changes in Menu > Pregnancy Mode > Week of pregnancy. Continue to enjoy using Flo in the new mode, and log your pregnancy symptoms to get updates on your future baby.

3.Track your water balance

Everybody knows about the benefits of water for our health and wellbeing, and a lot of users already track their daily water intake with Flo. The new thing is that now you can track it using glasses or bottles of various volume. It can be edited via “+” button > Water > Target.

4. Track different contraception methods

The option of setting up reminders for oral contraception has proved to be actively used in Flo. But we still got a lot of letters from women who use other contraception methods. So good news to those who use vaginal rings, patches and injections! Reminders are now available for these methods as well. They can be turned on in Menu > Reminders > Contraception (enable it) > Type.

5. Join the Flo community!

Flo is more than just a period tracker now! It’s a platform for sharing your experience, knowledge and ideas. A lot of discussion topics have been added to Flo and we’re constantly working on updating them. The commenting section is already gaining popularity and we hope that you will like it even more in future.