Flo for Partners is here! Find out why you need it and how to sign up
May 20, 2020

Welcome to the Flo Help Center

We’re happy to introduce you to the Flo Help Center, a place where you can quickly get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our app, without writing a message to our support team.

We created the Flo Help Center to improve your experience when using our app and site. Our brand new Help Center will replace the existing FAQ.  

This space is divided into six sections: 

  • The Account and Data section contains answers to questions like “How can I update the email address in my account,” “How can I restore or backup my data,” etc.
  • Using Flo is filled with how-to guides and info about how Flo works: how to log basal temperature or ovulation test results, change languages, switch to pregnancy mode, how our predictions are made, etc.
  • In the Subscriptions & Billing section, you’ll find info about your Premium account.
  • Troubleshooting is for technical issues you may have on your device. 
  • The Privacy & Security section contains information about the data that’s stored in Flo — its safety and security, where and how exactly it’s stored, etc. 
  • In the General Questions section, you can find common questions about health and how the female body works. 

Under each article, you can give us feedback on how useful it was for you. In addition, you can leave suggestions on how we can make our answers even better. Your suggestions will be very valuable and will help us improve our Help Center articles in future updates. 

We welcome you to our Flo Help Center and hope you find it useful!