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July 09, 2019

How Flo Helps Safeguard Customer Data With Cloudflare, One of the World’s Largest Cloud Network Platforms

When it comes to securing customer data, there’s nothing that requires more vigilance than personal health. That’s why Flo has made security and privacy core to the company’s mission — and why we chose Cloudflare to provide an extra layer of protection.

Flo is the #1 most popular female health app worldwide, with 87 million total installs and 27 million monthly active users. Security and privacy are paramount to Flo’s core values because our app deals with deeply personal issues like fertility tracking, reproductive goals, and even preemptive disease detection.

“Flo is a leading one-stop health app for women during their entire reproductive life cycle: from first periods to menopause, from pregnancy to young moms. Every month more than 27M women worldwide need Flo to be at their fingertips to take control of their health.”

Roman Bugaev, CTO @ Flo


To bolster our security on the network layer, we turned to Cloudflare. Flo now has deep insights into the traffic attempting to reach its servers — informed by the vast scale of Cloudflare’s network, operating across 180 cities in 80 countries worldwide. 

Tools like Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall and Rate Limiting allow Flo to automatically block malicious traffic flagged by the collective intelligence of Cloudflare’s network — informed by over 16 million Cloudflare customers’ Internet properties. These insights allow Cloudflare to create proprietary WAF rulesets that account for 84.6% of application-layer threats blocked by Cloudflare, resulting in major security gains over the standard OWASP firewall Core Rule Set. And Flo can also deploy its own fine-grained, custom rules to suit it needs. 

Cloudflare’s firewall has 30 Tbps volumetric DDoS mitigation capacity, broad threat intelligence from our portfolio of 16M+ customer sites, proprietary Cloudflare-managed WAF rulesets that account for 84.6% of application-layer threats blocked (vs OWASP Core Rule Set)

In addition to Cloudflare’s security suite, Flo is leveraging Cloudflare to reach a premium subscriber audience with exclusive video content served by Cloudflare Stream. Stream gives us a way to manage and deliver video at scale with full control, including a Flo-branded video player. This experience has proven so compelling that our users are watching 10 times more video than they were with their previous provider, totaling over 14.5 million minutes watched per month.

“Cloudflare has helped us ensure app reliability and 30% faster response time across all regions. No matter where our users are located — Flo works smoothly on their smartphones thanks to smart traffic routing, and content in the app is now delivered to the user from the closest Cloudflare server.”

Roman Bugaev, CTO @ Flo

“What is even more important” - adds Roman, “the partnership with Cloudflare helps us to raise the bar of security standards for women’s health apps, which is absolutely essential for our category. Our users entrust us with their most sensitive data and we are committed to taking every step to ensure that it is protected. Cloudflare provides the solution that enables our app to combat any potential DDoS attacks thanks to layered security approach and multiple DDoS mitigation capabilities.”