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Flo Health makes Flo Premium available for free for 1 billion women worldwide*

In 2022, Flo Health announced that the company would give Flo Premium to women across 22 countries — including Ethiopia, Haiti, and Nepal — providing access to detailed cycle and symptom patterns records and unlimited access to expert content and its virtual chatbot. In December 2023, Flo announced that it is expanding its Pass it On Project to an additional 44 countries. The Pass it On Project is a give-back program aiming to help women living in countries where access to safe and credible health information is limited. As of December 2023, over 10 million women worldwide are already using Flo Premium for free.

As of December 2023, 

  • Up to 1 billion women will now have access to Flo Premium completely free*
  • 66 total countries can now benefit, including India, Indonesia, and Nigeria
  • Over 10 million women worldwide are already using Flo Premium for free today

The Pass it on Project is rooted in one simple idea: to impart knowledge across generations, fostering a cycle of understanding to eradicate female health stigmas for better health and fertility outcomes. Over the past year, we’ve been able to unleash the power of health literacy to 10 million+ people with periods across 66 countries through the Flo app at no cost to them. We’ve found that Flo users who have regularly accessed their free Flo Premium memberships are 52% more likely to have high menstrual and fertility health knowledge**. 

Why are we doing this? 

Recent studies have found that women’s health is being overlooked, undervalued, and underfunded leading to poor female health and fertility outcomes for people with periods globally. 

  • 70% of Indian women face menstrual health issues with 51% of women below 24 years being diagnosed with PCOS
  • 71% of girls in India and 82% of girls in Malawi reported having no knowledge of menstruation before their first period

What’s next 

The Pass it On Project is not just an extension of our mission — it's a global movement, and our mission is far from complete. We look forward to fostering a future where health information is accessible to all. 

And to every existing paying Premium member: thank you for supporting us so we can make this global movement possible together. We look forward to a brighter future, one with better health and fertility outcomes for women worldwide.

For more information, visit: https://flo.health/initiatives/prosocial-initiative 

*Available on Android. Includes access to all Premium features for one year from upgrade date.

**Disclosure: When Flo users use Flo Premium at least once per week compared to those who use the app less frequently. This stat is from a 2023 Flo survey, in which 2K women were surveyed in sub-Saharan Africa (88.9%), followed by Haiti/Jamaica (6.6%), Nepal (2.8%) and other countries (1.7%).

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