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Manage your data

How can I change data I used while signing up (like email address or a password)?

You can edit your email address if it’s not verified and change your password.

You can change your password by signing out of your registered account and tapping the “Forgot your password” button on the login screen. You can also edit your email address by emailing to our support team at support@flo.health

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How can I manage data related to my health and well-being (like my periods, activities, and symptoms)?

You can add, edit, or delete your periods, symptoms, and events by clicking the  ‘+’ icon, with the exception of events that are imported automatically from third-party trackers.

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Can I synchronize Flo with other fitness apps?

Yes, you can enable and disable sync with the Health App, Google Fit, or Fitbit.

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Can I change my lifestyle settings and information about my past pregnancies?

Yes, you can edit your lifestyle settings and your past pregnancies. You can delete your past pregnancies as well.

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Can I withdraw my consent from processing my data?

Where we process your personal data with your consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time if you want us to stop. For example, you may opt-out of processing your personal data if you don’t want us to reach people like you on various online platforms.


To manage your consent or exercise any of your other rights, contact us any time at dpo@flo.health or support@flo.health.

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