Brittan Leiser

Licensed Financial Advisor and CEO, OH, USA
Work Experience: 3+ years in financial advising
“Growing up with a financial advisor for a father, I quickly learned to appreciate the benefits of having a strong financial foundation. Therefore, I always knew I wanted to help others also benefit in this way and learn how they, too, can prioritize their financial futures and create the future they’ve always dreamt about.”

Brittan is a financial advisor and the founder and CEO of SavviHer: The Financial Resource for the Modern Woman

She resides in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, with her husband, their two sons, and their two dogs.

Academic and professional history

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, Brittan created SavviHer after recognizing that women often felt ignored or overwhelmed when it came to having a conversation about their own finances. 

When beginning her career in personal finance, Brittan found herself in an industry dominated by men with resources and prevailing attitudes that largely overlooked women, often leaving them out of the conversation and unsure about where to turn or whom to trust with their important questions. She created online resources like articles and instructional courses to meet women where they are and empower them to take the first step.

Passion and motivation

Brittan is passionate about helping young women break into the world of financial management and developing a network of financial advisors who also recognize the need to change the outdated way the industry approaches and works with women. 

“I am very passionate about helping individuals understand their financial health and enjoy assisting them as they achieve their goals so that, ultimately, they can live the lives they have always imagined. Nothing is more rewarding to me than making someone live out their purpose and feel worthwhile.”

When Brittan isn’t in the office, she enjoys running, exploring new parts of the world with her husband, baking chocolate chip cookies, cheering on all the Cleveland sports teams, and teaching her eldest son the words to the Notre Dame fight song.