Clare Purvis, PsyD

Behavioral scientist, Google, ex-Headspace, New York, US

Clare Purvis is a licensed clinical psychologist and former vice president of clinical product and content development at Headspace. Her work is focused on using technology to support people in living full and vital lives. She is an expert in the design and evaluation of digital mental health interventions.

In 2017, Clare Purvis founded the Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders Lab (WELL), the first organization dedicated to supporting women scientists in digital health. WELL is cultivating inclusive leadership in health care innovation and helping future women leaders successfully translate their domain expertise into entrepreneurship, start-ups, and corporate settings.

Clare Purvis completed a postdoctoral fellowship in health care design at the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford University, where she now serves as an affiliate scholar. Her work there centers around how to use technology to make great health care more affordable. She received her Bachelor of Arts in psychology and international studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and her PsyD in clinical psychology from the PGSP-Stanford Consortium.