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Dr. Ekaterina Tsapieva
Dr. Ekaterina Tsapieva
Obstetrician and gynecologist
“Women’s reproductive health and reproductive choices aren’t only important to the individual woman herself, but to all of society and future generations. They aren’t optional. They’re imperative.”
— Dr. Ekaterina Tsapieva

Former Flo medical advisor

Career Highlights
  • Medical Advisor at Sanofi, 2018–2020
  • Medical Advisor at Bayer, 2014–2018
  • Lecturer at the People’s Friendship University of Russia, 2011–2014
  • Investigator in a behavioral and attitudinal contraception study, 2011–2014
  • Clinical Research Associate in breast cancer drug studies (Novartis), 2011–2014
  • OB-GYN in clinic, 2009–2014
  • Medical degree from the People’s Friendship University of Russia, School of Medicine, 2009
  • Internship in obstetrics and gynecology at the People’s Friendship University of Russia, 2009–2011
  • Ultrasound certificate from the People’s Friendship University of Russia, 2011
  • Certificate in pharmaceutical marketing from the Higher School of Economics, 2019
  • Master’s in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from the University of Artificial Intelligence, Anticipated Graduation, 2022
Featured Publications
  • “Evaluation of oral combined contraception usage in the Russian federation in connection with the abortion level and incidence of menstrual disorders.” Abstracts of Poster Presentation; P139. The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care.2013. DOI:10.3109/13625187.2013.793038.
  • “Influence of oral contraceptives with androgenic activity on the quality of life of Russian women with heavy menstrual bleeding.” 14th Congress of the ESC / 2nd Global ESC Conference, Basel, Switzerland, 2016. A-190.
My Journey in Medicine

As a teenager I was quite sick, which is how I became interested in medicine and inspired to pursue it as a career. I went into gynecology because as a field, it’s about bringing new life into the world, instead of trying to stave off death. Moreover, female health is like an exquisite diamond that should be protected from early childhood until old age. 

My main focus areas in my clinical practice and research have included contraception, endocrine disorders, pregnancy, and the postpartum period. Getting positive feedback from patients who I've helped conceive or led to the right treatment always gives me a great sense of achievement. 

As the old adage goes, “knowledge is power.” If patients have the right knowledge at the right time, they are empowered. Any kind of medical practice works best when the doctor partners with their patients and they work together as a team. 

I like working in femtech because I can contribute to knowledge reaching a much broader audience than if I were to work in a single hospital or clinic. It also gives me the opportunity to fight the misinformation that is dramatically widespread today on the internet and often results in dire consequences. When I review content for Flo, I always carefully consider our information sources to ensure that we only communicate the most up-to-date and accurate medical guidelines and research. I also specialize in personalizing content, so that our educational resources are tailor-made to each individual.

Working at Flo, which is at the forefront of technology and medicine, gives me the opportunity to rub elbows with the best and the brightest doctors and scientists in gynecology, which is incredibly humbling and inspiring. It’s exciting to work on the cutting edge of integrating everyday technology like mobile apps with medicine.

Fun Facts

From user to advisor: Prior to working at Flo, I used the app for two years. I was so impressed by it that I decided to apply for a job!

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