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Emily Jamea, PhD
Emily Jamea, PhD
Certified sex therapist, clinical director, REVIVE Therapy & Healing, Texas, US
“I am of the belief that we are all worthy of meaningful sexual experiences. I find it incredibly rewarding to be a part of people’s sexual healing journeys. It is my mission to help people create connection and cultivate passion.”
— Emily Jamea, PhD
Career Highlights
  • President and clinical director of REVIVE Therapy & Healing, TX, US, 2012–present
  • Texas section leader at the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), 2010–2016
  • Psychotherapist at Pelvic Health/Physical Therapy Center, 2011–2012
  • Psychotherapist at the Center for Healthy Sexuality, 2010–2011
  • Expert featured in O: The Oprah Magazine, CNN, BBC, NBC, USA Today, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and more
  • Host of “The Love & Libido Podcast”
  • Writer of a monthly sex column for
  • Regular speaker at private and public events in the United States and around the globe
  • AASECT-certified sex therapist
  • PhD in clinical sexology from the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, Miami Shores, FL, US, 2017
  • Training in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and emotionally focused couples therapy
  • Master’s degree in counseling from St. Edward’s University, Austin, TX, US, 2009
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors from the University of Texas at Austin, TX, US, 2007
Featured Publications
  • “The Role of Sensuality, Imagination, and Curiosity in High and Optimal Sexual Satisfaction.” Sexual and Relationship Therapy, vol. 27, no. 2, 2022, doi: 10.1080/14681994.2020.1714023.
  • “Sexual Satisfaction: Exploring the Role of Flow.” Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, vol. 47, no. 5, 2021, doi: 10.1080/0092623X.2021.1898503.
My Journey in Sex Therapy

Growing up, sex wasn’t a taboo topic in my home. My father, who worked as an obstetrician and gynecologist, and progressive mother taught me that my body and my sexuality were nothing to be ashamed of. But as I got older, I realized that many of my peers were raised with different values and had anxieties surrounding sex and relationships. I was the one they came to for advice on these topics, and this began my journey into sex therapy.

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve worked with individuals and couples to overcome relationship and sexual hurdles so they can enjoy more meaningful lives. Although the work is challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding. Helping someone overcome sexual trauma, learning that a couple previously unable to have intercourse due to pain is now expecting their first child, and bringing a couple closer together following relationship betrayal are all aspects of my work that make me so proud of what I do.

Through my travels around the world, I’ve noticed that people in developing countries seem to find happiness and meaning in a way that many of my clients couldn’t, despite their abundance of resources. Inspired, I began guiding my clients toward new ways of finding meaning in their lives and relationships.

On top of my clinical work, I do as much writing and speaking as I can to share what I know with the world. I believe that by fostering greater connection and passion, we can find greater authenticity, deeper meaning, and optimal joy in our lives. I’m so excited to be part of Flo’s medical board to share my knowledge on sex and relationships with people of all ages.

Fun Facts

The greatest joy in my life is my family. I’m happily married with two children.

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