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Gwendolyn Quinn, PhD
Gwendolyn Quinn, PhD
Professor at the department of population health, New York University School of Medicine, NY, US
“My interest in reproductive health stems from working in maternal and child health and LGBTQ+ access to care. I’ve observed that the health care system in the US is built for people who ‘fit the mold’ — wealthy, insured, heterosexual, cisgender people who are generally in good health. I’d like to participate in the creation of a health care system that meets the needs of everyone, especially those who do not fit the mold.”
Areas of expertise
  • Reproductive health
  • Cancer
  • Genetic counseling
  • Access to care
“I am driven by the goal of creating a difference in the world. It’s one thing to write papers that other scientists may read, but more important to do research that will make a change for the better in the lives of people seeking health care.”
— Gwendolyn Quinn, PhD
  • Moffitt Cancer Center
  • University of South Florida
  • New York University, since 2017
  • Her research is focused on patient–provider communication across reproductive health and cancer in adolescents and young adults, LGBTQ+ health issues, uptake of genetic counseling, and clinical trials and access to care for minority and underserved populations.
  • University of South Florida – Postdoctoral fellowship in public health
  • Florida State University – PhD in educational psychology
Awards and achievements
  • Author of over 300 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters
  • Received more than $1 million in federal and foundation grant funding
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